Thursday, April 8, 2010

Books, Bucks and Beyond!

My sister in law, Jessica, has recently started her own blog called, Books, Bucks and Beyond!

She (along with her cousin, Denise) is one of the "Deal Finders of the Universe", and she shares tons of great deals (and FREE stuff too!), as well as some of her thoughts on life, on her blog - check it out! =)

One of her most recent posts tells about a free Veggie Tales DVD (you only pay $2.99 shipping!)


Flakymn said...

Her blog is fantastic! I strongly recommend it!

Jessica said...

Aww, thanks to both of you! That was really sweet. I am still getting the hang of it and am not nearly up to par like you guys, but I am loving it!! :) Thanks for posting this Joia!

Mom E said...

I agree. Her blog is awesome! OK, so I'm a *little* biased... lol.
Signed, Jessica's mom

denise said...

YAY! Yes, her blog is awesome. Thanks for the shout out too :) Aren't we all lovey on here! haha!