Friday, April 2, 2010

Be serious?

Philip here: Moriah had a good night of sleep last night but poor Keenan's trip home has pretty rough. This morning somewhere around 4 am he started crying and when I went to check on him he had vomited in bed. We cleaned him and he went to bed just fine but the vomiting got worse before it started getting better. We think maybe it is B. Cereus because we brought some of his nuggets home from McDonald's last night and then he had them for a late bedtime snack. That's the only food that he ate differently than us and the three of us are feeling well other than sleep deprivation. To confirm my suspicion I tried to get on the internet to confirm the clinical syndrome and look up the duration. At that point I found out that laptop wouldn't start up past the first windows screen because it was giving an error about a non-compatible wireless internet card. Windows was saying that I had to remove it, not gonna happen without some tools I don't travel with (please don't be ashamed of me Mark). After much work and help from Dr. Google down in the hotel lobby I was able to disable the card in the BIOS and at least get it working again without wireless. I'm typing this down in the hotel lobby and then we're headed to the airport. Please pray for all of us and especially Keenan. He sure misses Bunny even more now with all the vomiting. Hopefully it is B. Cereus as the duration of the emetic form is around 9 hours which means he should be doing much better right about the time our flight gets started. Without wireless on the laptop our next post should be from home!


Flakymn said...

Oh guys! Bless you both. And esp. Keenan. Will be praying.

Anonymous said...

awwww Keenan we are praying for you little guy! Hope you get better!
have a safe trip!
Love Kristin

The Woodford's said...

Yikes! Hope Keenan feels better soon! Have a good next flight, and we'll be praying.