Friday, April 30, 2010

A Day of Retirements

I had the pleasure of attending my first Military Retirement ceremony today! Bill, the husband of Vanessa, my good friend from MOPS, retired today from 25 years in the Air Force/Army! What an accomplishment!

The ceremony was interesting and very touching, and I was honored to be there. Congratulations Bill, Vanessa, Vivian and Tucker. May the Lord bless you as you move from here to your new life in DC and at the Pentagon!

Vanessa, Bill (Col)
Vivian and Tucker

I also found out this afternoon that today is Philip's retirement from his position as one of the Chief Residents! I am so proud of him for being chosen, for the great job he has done this past year, and for the many hours he has put into this position. I'm sure it was with a huge sigh of relief though, that he handed over the baton to the new chiefs today. =) Congratulations, Babe!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Points in our day

It has been another day of almost no picture taking, but here are some things that happened in our house today:

* The smoke alarm went off (scaring both kids) because I forgot about some chicken that was cooking

* Myrtle showed up at the door with some delicious quesadillas she had leftover from lunch out, as well as some frozen pizzas she "saw in the store and thought we'd like" =)

* The new liner for our water bed arrived! One step closer to getting back into our own bed!

* Heard Moriah say, "Apple" as clear as can be for the first time ever! =)

* Got a call from one of our new neighbors (that I just met last night), wanting to know if we wanted to go to the beach with them this weekend. Of course we do!

* Got some sweet deals at "The Bargain Box" today - all the clothes and shoes were 50 cents!

* Made chicken enchiladas for supper

* Painted my (and Moriah's) toenails bright pink

* Spent more time reflecting on the weekend just passed, and am still overwhelmed with feelings of blessed-ness. =)

* Had Keenan tell me that "He's Lightning (McQueen) and I'm Sally" - I think he loves me! =)

* Organized Moriah's closet and got out a ton of clothes, etc. to give away

* Bought some Pomegranate Green Tea, and I love it!

* Snuggled with Keenan three times before he finally dropped off to sleep tonight... =)

* Made it about a third of the way through my laundry to do list

* Thoroughly enjoyed watching Philip dance around the kitchen holding Both of our kids, who were laughing with glee!

Not a great picture, but it was a great time =)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

No pictures today. I'm serious.

We had planned to go strawberry picking this morning when Philip got home from work, but Keenan ended up developing a fever overnight and wasn't feeling so great this morning. That plan got postponed. Maybe tomorrow.

This afternoon Keenan stayed home with Philip while Moriah and I went to the church. Moriah hung out in the nursery with some friends while I helped serve the dinner. I LOVE doing this because it's always so much fun, getting to hang out with friends while we work in the kitchen, and we get free food, too! =)

Philip dropped Keenan off at the church when we finished, and then he went in to work and we drove home.

Several new families have moved onto our street in the last month or so and I hadn't had a chance to meet them yet, so on our way home we stopped and introduced ourselves at two different houses. I'm so glad we did! Our new neighbors seem really cool and I especially enjoyed meeting the family with two boys who live just a few houses down from us. Some new friends, maybe. =)

Feeling very blessed in every area of my life right now. =)


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Today's Pics

Last night was Philip's first night on OB for a week. They changed the hours since he last worked it, so now it's an official 12 hour shift, instead of being more like 14 or 15! Even though he got No sleep at work last night and needed a ton today, we Still got to see a lot of him and have dinner with him - I love this new schedule! =)

I love this cute little romper!

A force to be reckoned with

Introducing... "Daisy" (her official Graco name), Moriah's big girl car seat!
(Could it Be an more pink?? I'm in LOVE with it!!)

Keenan in my sunglasses

Moriah's "Oh dear, what Is that big noise?" look when we heard machine gun fire (just practice!) while playing at the park on base this evening


I just Had to take a couple pictures of the sunset and moon on the way home...

Love this swing we came across on our drive

Keenan keeping Moriah safe =)

Pretty moon
(It will be full at 12:21 tomorrow afternoon!)

WHAT Are the Chances???

I had a pretty random experience lately and thought I'd share it...

When we went to Kenya, I only took one pair of earrings with me. I took a cheap pair of silver hoops that I really like. During our time there, I lost one. I was pretty bummed, since I liked them and didn't have another pair and my holes grow in really quickly. I bought a pair of Kenyan earrings to keep my holes from growing in, and (for some reason) brought the lone earring home and put it in my bathroom drawer.

Fast forward to this past Friday. I was sitting in my seat at the back of a small plane, waiting to leave Fort Walton Beach airport. The stewardess was coming down the aisle, holding something in her hand, saying "Does this belong to anyone? Did anyone lose this?" It was an earring and from 12 rows away I could already tell that it was the IDENTICAL MATCH to the earring at home in my bathroom drawer! I sat there in disbelief, hoping that no one would claim it before she got to me (in the last row). No one did, and I asked for it (even though she gave me a totally weird look, since I was already wearing a totally different pair of earrings, and not missing one!)

I held it in my hand, and just looked at it over and over, totally in shock that this could happen - HOW!? How did somebody lose the Exact same earring as mine, and then me end up being on that exact flight on that day, so I could get it, before the flight attendant just threw it away??

To me, it was just another "cherry on the sundae" that was that amazing weekend... thanks, God!

Here they are, folks!

Monday, April 26, 2010

THE Party

Okay folks, here are the "official party pictures"! Enjoy!

The adorable cakes (to match the center pieces) made by Tanya!

Cards and favors for guests

Party Explanation

We are Not here because...

There were beautiful gifts on each table for special people who had helped make the party a success!

The cool tables

Caught with the chocolate!

Still happy and friends after all the set up stress! =)

A pre-party pic


Ruby's artwork
(I'm totally in love with side buns now!)

We clean up pretty well, I think!
(Don't Rebekah and Laura have pretty shoes??)

Laura, you're so worth it

The Couple of the hour!

Mark and Rebekah =)

Mark and I

We're hot and we know people who think so! =)

I love this one - aren't they gorgeous??

These Amazing cookies were made by Nathan's sister, Jessie!

Cheers to yummy blue punch!

Hometown friend, Mandy

Totally awesome...

Also Jessie's artwork!

Laura giving the "Why You Are All Here" speech =)

A friend of more than a few years, Liz

Laura and I being crazy on the dance floor =)

A nice surprise to end the evening - my friend, Kristin, stopped by just to see me! =)

Canada Weekend Pics

Here are pictures from the fun we had this weekend outside of the party (the party will get it's own post)...

On our way!

In Detroit... going zero miles an hour on I-94... =0/

Night out with Laura:

We went out for dinner, had some delicious food, fun drinks, and lots of talking!

Laura with her fancy drink (that matched the party colors!)

Me with my Mango Pachango!

Us and our amazing chicken stir fry!

Then, since I had great babysitters watching Moriah, we didn't need to rush home, so we went to...

Starbucks for some yummy frosty drinks, more conversation and dessert!


At 11pm I returned home from visiting with Laura, and then Mark and Rebekah and I sat and talked... and talked... and talked.. and suddenly it was 3am! Not the smartest thing ever, but Totally worth it! I have to admit, it was Really nice spending time with the two of them, without having to "share" them with the whole rest of the family like I usually do on visits home.

Moriah in Mark and Rebekah's front window on Saturday morning

Fun picture I got of the two of them
Good lookin' couple!

Off to my parent's house for an Amazing lunch and visit with Rob and Ada:

Moriah and I with Brayden!

Sweet kiss

Moriah "holding" Brayden

Us girls

Ruby, the hair dresser!

My mom and three of her girls

Now, skipping over to Sunday morning, on our way back to the Detroit airport:

I love this - the new smoothies at McDonald's are yummy!


Gorgeous tree outside the window

Moriah with our rental car right before we returned it
(We got a free upgrade to full size!)

Sleeping (the whole way from Detroit to Atlanta!)

Some thanks are in order:

* To God for helping me realize how important it would be (to me and others) that I make this trip, and for working out all of the details of the whole weekend! (Including the awesome $400 Delta ticket at the end!)

*To Philip for being so supportive of me wanting to go, for being generous with our finances, and for making all of my travel arrangements for me! He and Keenan had some good times... =)

* To Jodi and Brittny for babysitting Keenan while Philip was at work!

* To Nathan and Rebekah for helping work out the details of making it a surprise for Laura

* To Laura for having the party in the first place, wanting me to be a part of it, and giving me a weekend of memories that I'll Never forget!

* To Rebekah and Mark for hosting us the first night, for changing your (pretty big) plans that evening so that you could be home when we came! For babysitting Moriah so I could go surprise Laura, and for all the time we got to spend together, chatting, setting up, laughing, hanging out at the party, etc... it was Awesome (I can't Wait for you to come in July!)

* To my parents for lunch, for babysitting Moriah for seven hours during the party and set up and for hosting us on Saturday night. They each got some pretty sweet snuggle time with Moriah while they had her, so that was really cool. =)

* To Ruby, who did such an excellent job doing Rebekah and my hair (both in less than an hour!) You were the cherry on top in helping us feel pretty for the party! =)

Looking back on this weekend, I feel so, so, blessed. My husband, family and friends are simply the Best. I had Such a fun weekend - one of the best of my entire life!! What a great experience to get away for a weekend on my own (well, basically), have fun and Real conversation with some of the most important people in my life, see my family, go to a super awesome party and reconnect with some people from high school, all in 46 hours! That was one of the most amazing parts about the whole thing, even though it was The shortest visit I've ever made to Canada, somehow it didn't Feel short... there seemed to be "just enough time" for everything. It didn't feel rushed or harried at all... now that's God. =)