Saturday, March 6, 2010

They're off!

It's me, Wendi, Joia's good friend who is very excited for them going to Africa but also very jealous that I am not going to Africa and very sad to be without Joia for a month!

All right. Enough about me. This blog is about them! And speaking of the blog, isn't the new heading way cool?

This morning around 9:30, I picked up Philip, Joia, and their two kiddos and took them to the airport for what I know will be a trip of a lifetime. Here they are with all of their luggage (woah, there was a lot of it) before the trip begins:

And here is Moriah checking to see if she could pass a carry-on bag:

Well that's my small role in this trip. Next time you see a blog, it should be from Joia as they head to Memphis and then Amsterdam before the final leg to Kenya. If there is any news to report, I will pass it along on my end!

Please join me in remembering this family in your prayers over the next month. And prayers for Philip's coworker Erik and his parents who are joining them on the journey.


Mom W. said...

Thanks Wendi, good post... =)

But =( too.

Mom E said...

Yes, THANKS Wendi for the post.