Saturday, March 13, 2010

Super Safari

Lake Nakuru was a smashing success!

Dan's friend, Elisha, picked us up, drove us the hour and a half to the park and then gave us an expert guided tour of the whole thing!

We saw zebras, giraffes, cape buffalo, baboons, gazelle, impala, flamingos, hyenas, rhinos, a wart hog, an eland, and several cool birds who's names I don't know.

It was an amazing experience, being out there with them, as a family, experiencing something like that for the first time... I will Never forget it.

We had the privilege of seeing a new zebra (a day or two old at the least), and then came upon a pair of impalas with a newborn baby... and we got to see him get up and take his very first steps! Still all wet and very wobbly!

We stopped at a lookout to get some pictures and were soon joined by a school bus full of girls. While Philip and I were taking a picture together, they picked Keenan up and swarmed around him, touching him, cuddling him, giggling, asking him his name, squishing his cheeks, etc.... It was very funny and sweet. Keenan was surprisingly good about it all and we got some great pictures and video of the whole thing. They were then delighted when I asked them all to pose for a picture with Keenan and I. =)

When we got home, the Reites had us over for a delicious dinner (which was super nice, not having to cook after a long day away!) Then we headed up to RVA for their band and choir performance. It was really good! Keenan liked the final number, which was from the movie, Cars, sung along with a clip from the movie! =)

I decided to include one of my favorite pictures of the day:

How amazing are they??


Jessica said...

oh my gosh, how precious!!!

Rachel and Hans said...

AWESOME!! I wish you could post more photos...but I suppose I can wait until you get home. :-)

The Mac's House said...

You're going to have a great book of pics when you return that the kids will just enjoy looking at over and over again. This will be an experience of a lifetime for your entire family.

I'm so glad that you include this in your blog to take us all along with you thru your writings.


Mom W. said...

Awwww... cute baby zebra!! What a great day and so nice you could get the RVA performance!!! Green, green.

denise said...

AWESOME picture! sounds like an amazing trip. I sense a shutterfly book of your trip coming....

Flakymn said...

But wait! Didn't you see a tow truck!?!?