Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Hey, it's late so this is going to be short. It's been a fun day, getting Andrew and Rudy settled in, and hanging out. They've already worked on a bunch of projects around here for Dan which has been great!

We're working out all the details for our three day safari this weekend to the Masai Mara - we are all totally stoked!!

Hope to get a bunch more pictures on here tomorrow...

Happy St. Patrick's Day and good night!


Mom W. said...

=) Love you.

The Mac's House said...

Really looking forward to hearing about the safari.

Have a great time enjoying the family visit.

nlulek said...

Hi from the Luleks and the Eberts in Hilton Head. We're going for a bike ride in a few minutes. Kathleen brought me to your site, love it. God Bless!