Thursday, March 25, 2010

Short One

It's late, and I haven't uploaded any pictures today so it's going to be a short one..

Dan, Andrew and Rudy got back today! Rudy flies home tomorrow, and then we have Andrew here until Monday. They had a good time and got a lot of work done on the towers (crazy pictures from waaaay up there!)

The kids and I spent quite a while this morning at the Saunders and Angela and I actually had some time to hang out and chat - it was really fun! Keenan got completely filthy and Moriah fell and hurt her head, but all in all a good time was had by all! =0)

Someone delivered some fresh pizza crusts yesterday, so we took them down to the Saunder's house this evening (since we don't have an oven) and added toppings and baked them, and they were Amazing! Woohoo, pizza in Kijabe!

The kids and I are heading into Nairobi with the Saunders fairly early in the morning so I should hit the hay.

Night all!

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Mom W. said...

You never said how the samosas were.... ?? Were they meat ones, were they spicy??