Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Random pieces of my life right now:

Philip picked up this cool travel size kit for carrying liquids in your carry on, it's awesome! I have everything (and a few extras) in this little bag that we could possibly need hygiene-wise during our travel!

It comes with cool little labels for everything too!

Since I didn't want to risk returning from Kenya without my wedding rings, I decided I'm going to wear a "fake" set that we had bought a while ago!

It's very different from my other set, but kinda pretty!

Today I picked up a couple pairs of pants, capris, and a few shirts for Kenya at a Thrift store. Everything was a dollar each. When I took them out of the washer just now, I found a $5 bill! Pretty sweet!

A couple nights ago, Keenan called me into his room (the second time) to ask me to pray because he was scared. I said, "Keenan, You can pray you know." He said, "I don't know what to say", I said, "Just say 'Dear God', and then tell him what you're thinking!" He said, "Dear God... I'm finkin' some stuff... I'm scared, God will you protect me? Amen". AMEN!

Philip Did win a first place award for his poster at the conference in New Orleans last week! His was the only one in it's category, but the judge told us that they "reserve the right to Not give an award at all in a category, if they don't deem it worthy." He said that, even compared to the all other posters (some done by staff), Philip's was outstanding! I'm so proud of him!

I'm sick of the COLD! I'm really hoping that warm weather comes to stay while we're gone!

Off to the commissary... wish me luck. =)


Anonymous said...

now we'd love to see a picture of your real wedding ring set!

Anonymous said...

That is the sweetest thing... and what a wonderful thing that you're teaching him to talk/pray to God at such a young age.

Grandma W. said...

Way to go Keenan, just talk to Him!! Love it...

Jessica said...

I'm finkin Keenan is adorable. :) Love, Aunt Jessica

Isaac said...

I'm finkin I like the cold weather...... But not to cold. We are geting mid 60s for highs down here. You are probly getting colder weather up there though. Btw if my mom reads that you don't like the cold weather she will freak out! Lol.


Mom E said...

Oh my, my son is beating me to all the comments now! lol.
I am 'finking' that Keenan is going to be a prayer warrior!

Love the fake rings! ;-)

CONGRATULATIONS PHILIP on winning the contest. Is there a photo of it you can send via email?

One more day till you leave.... excited for you.
Love, Mom