Monday, March 8, 2010

Project Runway: Complete

We’re here!!!! I can now check off “Go to Africa” from my bucket list (even though I hope to return again).

Sorry if I worried anyone by not posting yesterday (Mom), but by the time we were settled, it was midnight and the lobby (and internet) were locked down.

We all got a good night’s sleep in Amsterdam, had an Amazing Dutch breakfast yesterday morning and headed to the airport. Let me just say… I LOVE KLM! They came and got us and had us board the plane First since we had the kids, and (without us even asking) gave us an entire bulkhead row, so we had a seat for each kid. The service was amazing, the food was great, (the kids got special kid’s meals), they gave us a packet of toys and games for Keenan, and the best part… a bassinet that attached to the wall in front of us for Moriah to sleep in! It was a super awesome flight. =)

Things went well going through customs at the Nairobi airport, getting our visas (we were ushered into the “Kenyan Citizens Only” line to speed things up, Praise God!) and collecting (all) our bags. Then we went out of baggage claim and were faced by a sea of Kenyan faces and signs with names on them… but did not see one with our name on it! We headed out to the right of the crowd and then were kind of like “Now What?” Fortunately a minute or so later, a guy walked over with a sign with Philip’s name on it and introduced himself as our driver.

As soon as we walked out of the airport, my adrenaline was pumping and all of my senses were on high alert. Not only is Nairobi one of the most dangerous cities in the world, but it was nighttime and we were in totally unfamiliar surroundings. It was good to be with someone from around here and we were soon at the van we were being driven in. Since the guy said it was a short drive, we opted not to drag the kid’s car seats out just yet. When we got in, I wished we had, since the back seat only had one seat belt. Keenan got it, and I held Moriah on my lap and prayed the entire way. =)

When we arrived at our lodging for the nigh, The Mennonite Guest House, we pulled up to a gate which was opened by a guard and closed again behind us. I felt much safer.

We were given a really nice room with a double bed and a set of bunk beds. We shared a bathroom and shower with the next room. We got a great surprise when Dad showed up at our door! We weren’t expecting him until this morning! Keenan was Ecstatic!

Keenan slept great, Philip and I slept well until Moriah decided that she was WIDE awake at 4 am! =) That made for a Very short night, but what a beautiful, fresh morning we woke up to! We couldn’t see it in the dark last night, but the grounds here are Gorgeous! Beautiful trees, flowers and gardens surround the property and there are birds everywhere, making it like an oasis in the middle of the city. What a respite for those staying here!

It still feels so surreal that we’re actually here! This trip has been so long in coming that it’s hard to believe that all of the planning is behind us and that we’re standing on Kenyan soil! We are so blessed…

We head to breakfast soon and then load up our stuff and head out to get some groceries and then drive to Kijabe! Woohoo!

Thanks to everyone who was praying for our travels – we are safe and sound! =)


Anonymous said...

Soooooooooo glad it went well!!!


Mom W. said...

Yay, yay, yay, yes KLM rocks, we always thought so too... my Mom loved them.

Sooo glad everything went so well. I wasn't worried but very excited to hear more...

Jessica said...

Can I just say my jaw dropped that there was a bassinet for Moriah on the plane?!? That is amazing! What a humongous blessing. SOOO glad to hear you are safe and sound. Give my daddy a BIG hug from me and Reagan and Hudson. We miss him! Love you and can't wait to hear more. :)

Flakymn said...

I remember that heightened feeling very well ... so glad you are there!!!

Rachel and Hans said...

Awesome! I'm so happy everything has gone well for you. Love the updates...keep them coming!

Anonymous said...

SO glad you guys (and Erik and his family) made it safely!!! Erik said they have hot water and a private kitchen at Kijabe!! That is not the Africa I remember (I think we only had hot water 3 times the 2 mos. we were there!) Enjoy everything - look forward to more updates!


denise said...

Thank God for safe travels! I never heard of a bassinet on an airplane?!?! I'm sure there are pictures to show it later :) Give Uncle Dan a hug from us here in TN! Keeping you guys in our prayers.

Hannah said...

Thank God for an awesome flight Joia!!! Looking forward to hearing more about it!!

Vanessa S said...

So glad to hear you got there safely and everything's going well so far. Excited to "virtually" experience this adventure with you. Have fun!

Mom E said...

Actually....when we went to France/Spain with TMI, they gave me a bassinet for Philip on the plain. It was awesome. He was SO sick after his emergency surgery for tubes (and the Dr. put in the wrong size/type tubes!)...but that's another story!
I was SO relieved to read the post and know you were all safe.
Love, Mom