Sunday, March 14, 2010

Photo Update!

Philip here: The internet is running a little faster today so here are some pictures from the first few days of our trip. We're having to shrink them significantly from what Joia usually posts so when you click on them they won't be nearly as big as usual.

Our first long flight from Memphis to Amsterdam

A Boeing 747 engine at the Amsterdam airport

Keenan and Joia with some wooden shoes in the Netherlands

The lobby of our hotel in Amsterdam

The reception area for the conference center above the lobby

One little monkey jumping on the bed

Checking out the pool

Philip and Keenan taking a dip

Joia and the kids

Papa's House!

Keenan and Dad's friend Elizabeth, the local baker

Keenan and Papa!

Keenan enjoying Joia's favorite Kenyan beverage (his first glass bottle of Coke)

Joia showing off her one burner cooking skills

Happy Birthday Keenan!

That's all for now, hopefully we'll be able to get some more on here in the future. Joia was starting to get a twitch from not being able to post enough photos.


Mom E said...

Thank you SO much for posting photos, Philip. I loved the look on Keenan's face holding the glass coke bottle! Your dad's house is much bigger than I imagined too. So glad you are able to be there.
Love, Mom

Mom W. said...

Cool, cool, cool, still can't situate the house in my mind though, maybe if I knew who lived there 40 years ago... LOL =)

Yes, I understand about holding the baby... yep.

The Mac's House said...

Great snaps!