Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Papa’s House!

Today is a dream come true for Keenan… being at Papa’s house!!

We had a great breakfast at the guest house this morning, loaded our stuff into Dad’s truck and then he took us to a brand new, very modern mall with a great grocery store to pick up some food. The Masai market was set up outside the grocery store, so we did some browsing and were amazed at Dad’s bartering skills – he got us some great deals!

Then we made the hour and a half drive to Kijabe. Dad is a great driver, but, wow! What crazy traffic and drivers – lots of close “squeeze throughs”. The drive was filled with many of the “sights of Africa” that I had anticipated from my mom’s stories… The scenery, the bumpy roads, donkeys tied at the side of the road, a herd of sheep grazing on a slope, people carrying large bunches of fruit and vegetables on their heads, a gorgeous view of the Rift Valley, amazing stuff! There was also parts of it that I knew existed here, but had not spent a lot of thought on previous to coming… a woman sitting on a blanket, begging at the side of the road, with her baby beside her. Passing one of Africa’s largest slums, ten year old boys darting in and out of traffic, begging…. The kind of stuff that leaves my heart hurting and reminded again that I live such a blessed life – and what am I doing about it? Please pray with me that I can take every opportunity here to use what I am and have been given to bless those who are needy.

Arriving here at Dad’s house was so awesome, and surreal and overwhelming at the same time. The house is great and he has given us a very spacious and comfortable space. The yard is gorgeous with lush greenery and beautiful trees, bushes and flower beds everywhere.

The dirt here is red and seems to have a magnetic pull to my kids and their clothes. =) I have just decided that they Are going to get dirty and be dirty much of the time and I am going to be okay with that! =)

I will be stretching my “how to cook without an oven and only one burner” muscles this month, so it will be an adventure in the kitchen! =) We were blessed to have been invited to the home of some new friends, Jeff and Angela (who run the guest house here) for dinner tonight – what a blessing to not have to cook already! They have three kids, Erica, Emily and Ethan (who is just a few weeks younger than Keenan), and lots of toys, so Keenan was in heaven and said that they are his best friends! =) I think we’ll be spending a lot of time there this month.

Please pray for us to adjust quickly to the time change, especially for Moriah who is having the hardest time with it. She is also not eating well at all, so pray that she will soon have a renewed appetite and be able to eat the food that we have here.

Lots more on my mind but I am too tired to put it into anything that will make sense on here at this point… be back soon (hopefully with pictures, since we plan to pay for high speed internet).


Brittny said...

we grew up with red clay/dirt, so i feel your pain with the kids! my grandma came to visit from up north and found a sink dirty with this red clay in our house and thought it was blood. have fun with your cooking and fingers crossed you can get pics up some time while you are there.

Mom E said...

I was awakened at 3:30am EST today quickened to pray for all of you, but especially the kids. I prayed for over an hour. I was aware that it was 10:30am Kijabe time. Sooo glad you are there safely.
MUCH love and HUGS, Mom & Grandma

Mom W./Grandma said...

Happy Birthday today Keenan!! Wow 3 years old!!! Praying for you all, and especially the wee ones, as Kathleen has expressed, you are much on our minds...

Mom/Gr'ma E said...

p.s. Happy Birthday, Keenan. We love you SO much. Gr'ma & Gr'pa and Isaac

aunt mary said...

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY Keenan. How exciting to celebrate your THIRD birthday in Kijabe. Gotcha all covered in prayer.

Lots of ♥♥ and hugs, aunt mary

Hannah said...

Happy Birthday Keenan!! Have a great time in Kenya!
You are in our thoughts and prayers Joia as you start your adventure in Kenya! Stay safe!
Much love!
Henry & Hannah