Monday, March 1, 2010


It's crunch time, and I am rising to the packing challenge! Today I got Keenan packed, Moriah mostly packed, my carry on ready, and the diaper bag packed. This trip is really starting to feel real! =)

We needed to drop some stuff off at the hospital for Philip, so we took a break and went to the park as well... It was Gorgeous out!

Keenan got a sucker from "Dr. Rob" while we were at the hospital =)

Love this angle =)

Sunshiney girl



Mastering the art of stepping down

I Love this one!

This has a ladder to climb down to the ground (about six feet down)

Moriah does slides by herself now!


Back to packin'...

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Mom E said...

I too love the picture of Keenan with the big brother shirt. And Moriah too going down the slide! How how I miss my grandkids! Love to all, Mom/Gr'ma E