Thursday, March 18, 2010

Nakuru Picture Catch Up

I think with this post we are finally caught up posting pictures. All of these are from our Safari to Nakuru National Park last Saturday. We leave for the Mara in the morning.

Keenan checking out some little monkeys in the parking lot outside the park

Boys on Safari!

Only a few of the Many baboons we saw

Gold Crown Cranes

Mother Impala and her sweet (long eared) baby

What a cutie!

Zebra kisses

Keenan up to check out the zebras

Three spotted beauties

Proof that we were all there!

Huge Cape Buffalo snoozin' in the mud just feet from us!

Our only Eland spotting

Us at a pretty waterfall

Martin, Erik and Caroline

Daddy and Moriah snuggling

Cute picture of Keenan at the waterfall

Cute baby Baboon riding on Mom's back

Two Male Impalas locking horns

Pondering each other

... and back at it!

Another giraffe

Great shot, Philip!

Brand spankin' new born Impala taking it's first steps!

Handsome relative of Pumba!

Back past the newborn

A bunch of Rhinos right beside the road!

The biggest one

Philip and the Rhinos

Keenan watching the Rhinos

Mom and baby

Moriah on safari =)

Love this one

Sleepy kids

Looking down on the Nakuru Plain


Keenan was a big hit with these school girls =)

Soon a Large group of them had gathered!

Keenan and I with the group of them

We have no idea what these are
We don't know what this was, but it was cool looking!

Happy Safariers

Another Buffalo

Beautiful Reflections

Hyena snoozing on the shore

They're actually not as ugly as I thought they were!

This one's actually cute!

Keenan's favorites

Philip caught some in flight

Big herd of Buffalo close to the shore

Everybody's got a water bufallo...



Mom W. said...

Like, like, like... Have a really great trip to the Masai Mara.

It think the birds were Golden Crested Cranes...

Anonymous said...

That's incredible Joia!! You seem to be having an amazing trip so far!

denise said...

"...yours is fast but mine is slow...".

Looks like an awesome trip so far!

Jessica said...

wow, I feel so spoiled with all the pics! I wasn't expecting you to be able to get so many on the blog while you were gone. Nice!!! Thanks for your nice blog comment BTW. :) Love you!

The Woodford's said...

Love all the pic's, Joia! Thanks for sharing, and we're so glad things are going well for you all! Lots of love,

grriffins said...

Liking all the pictures and adventures Joia. Brings back good memories of our Zambian trip.

Would like to mention that I've now been singing "everybody needs a water buffalo" for the last few days since reading your post. It's most annoying in the night when you realize that's what's rolling through your mind when you should be sleeping. Grrr. :)

Blessed Blackman Bunch said...

AWESOME! My daughter, who is PRETTY smart when it comes to animals, said she has read about those "rats" (as I call them)- E says they are related to guinea pigs but much larger. Gotta love Zooboks! ???? I cannot epress how much your pics are blessing us!

Mom E said...

okay, I'll join the fun....yours is pink but mine is blue....
playing catch up again since I was sick... the photos are AWESOME!