Friday, March 26, 2010

Nairobi, Diguna and Beyond

Our time is winding down here but we had a great day today!

This morning, James, a friend of Dan's (and an excellent carver) stopped by with carving I had ordered, as well as a selection of others he had made. I was thrilled with the piece he made for us, and we bought several others as well.

After that, we loaded up (poor Andrew was stuck in the back without a seat) and headed for Nairobi. We had lunch at the popular (and amazing) Java House with a couple of Dan's friends. The food was amazing (the kids were thrilled to see french fries again!) and I also got a creamy, iced coffee drink - yum!

Next, we went to the house of Robbie, a good friend of Dan's, who lives in a beautiful home right on the edge of a game park (and we saw elands, zebras and gazelles from his back porch!) He was super cool and was a great host. He gave us some amazing (Klondike type) ice cream cones which we all thouroughly enjoyed!

Our last stop was at Diguna, a German run mission station near Nairobi, and met Martha Mischnick (she and her husband have been in Africa for over 30 years and in Kenya for 13). They also live beside the game park and we saw some giraffes from her back yard. She Also served us ice cream (homemade over delicious spiced pears), what a tasty afternoon for us! We bought a few things in the souvenier shop and then headed for home (and made a quick stop to see Martin, Martha's husband).

We're starting to get things together to get packed up and Philip is working on figuring out how to safely pack the 3 foot wooden giraffe we bought!

Cute girl and her handsome dad at Java House

With Koech and Panina

Nairobi skyline from Robbie's house

Keenan cleaning out the bowl of frosting for the cake

Keenan "helping" Mama Shayla with the washing

Big kiss from Spicey =)

With Robbie's amazing view in the background

Moriah enjoying a mango popsicle after an unfortunate lip cutting fall

Ice cream cones!

Papa giving Keenan his first slingshot lesson

Robbie and Riah

Beautiful plant at Diguna
Family picture at Mischnick's
A rare one of the two of us

I Love Keenan's scrunched up giggly face here!
Me and my bro


Three Generations of handsome dudes

The ice cream at the Mischnicks!

Keenan with some new friends =)

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Mom W. said...

Great pics again... like the one of Andrew!! Poor Riah, cutting her lip. Good luck with the 3 foot giraffe!!