Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mara Wildlife Part Two

Here's the next bunch of pictures from the Mara...

A typical Masai village (houses made of mud, wood, cow dung and grass)

Beautiful Masai women along the road
(The women shave their heads)

Me with five Masai women at the entrance to the Mara
(On the left are Anna and Sarah and the one right beside me on the other side is Linda, I hadn't had a chance to meet the other two)
None of them were paying very close attention to the camera because they were trying to decide what to try and sell me next! =0)

Love this one! (I think Rudy may have taken this one for me)

These were Masai giraffes (different markings than the Reticulated giraffes we saw at Nakuru)
This cutie has a kick strong enough to crush a lion's skull or shatter it's spine

Cute pair

Big Daddy

He was starting to make me a tad nervous here..

Walking across the road right in front of us

I just love the colors out there, and the solitary tree is just simple perfection

Mama Warthog and three babies

The closeness of these two (Cape Buffalo and Hyena) seemed odd, but I guess they each know their place

Notice his collar, Dan said that Michigan State University are doing some sort of research on hyenas here



Another Cape Buffalo

Notice the little bird in his left ear

This shows just how close (even closer sometimes) we were able to get!

Great ostrich picture by Philip!

Another handsome Warthog =)

Andrew and Rudy

Gorgeous female Lion

Yawning or licking her chops? =)

Going for a walk...

... to where these three were sleeping in the sun =)

Cute snap of Keenan and Uncle Andrew

Keenan getting sleepy

Our only Cheetah spotting - we came across him/her sort of randomly way out in the grass!

Beautiful animal...

Stay tuned for more! =)


denise said...

WOW! Those don't look like "real" pictures, they look like postcards. Amazing that you could be so close!

The Woodford's said...

Beautiful pic's, Joia! We love reading about all you're doing, and "seeing" some of it too! Love you all!

Mom W. said...

The Masai giraffe are cool, never saw those before... very good pictures. I guess I didn't think about the Masai women shaving their heads. Colorful dress!!

Blessed Blackman Bunch said...

WOW Joia- we haven't been over to your blog sice you left. This is GREAT enhancement for our study on Africa & Kenya. Our children & I are really enjoying seeing many of the things we learned! It was nice to see the ladies b/c we learned that in Africa Shaved heads are a sign of beauty but in other parts of Africa MUCH hair in huge braids is the sign of beauty!
If you have a spare coin to bring us we would gladly pay you for it. We are collecting as much foreign money possible as we go through My Father's World- Exploring Countries & Cultures. Certainly NO pressure, just asking. We will be back daily! :) *So, I guess I missed this- YOUR Dad LIVES in Africa?