Friday, March 26, 2010

Mara Wildlife Part Three

Finally caught up again!

Dawn on the Mara

Hot air balloon safari

Hippo pool

Mom and baby

They're plumpin'

Lazy crocodile down by the river

Papa Croc

Family of elephants

Sleepy Mama Lion

Cutie cub

On the prowl ...

... for lunch!

Cute closeup

Dik Dik (the smallest of the antelope family)

These next few were taken just outside of our tent:

"Wow, my nails are a wreck!"

Mama with a newborn

Check out that long tail

Close up of the tiny baby


Four little cubs

Closeup of the one that woke up when we drove up

Sooooo cute!

That's a rain storm moving in from the right

Gorgeous sky


Secretary birds in a cool tree

Captain Keenan riding along up top

No, he isn't really picking his nose

With Moriah

Our last Zebra sighting on the way out of the park

The whole family

Our giraffe goodbye party

This whole harem was with one male

Even though they run quickly, they look like they're moving in slow motion

Finally, a wildebeast sighting

Meanwhile, back in Kijabe...

Emily reading a story to Keenan and Moriah

Ethan being goofy for the camera

Wambui loves Moriah!

Keenan and Ethan chillin' watching Bob the Builder

Andrew and I with the awesome pizzas last night

The kids and I went with the Saunders into Nairobi this morning. We went to a mall, bought groceries, and visited the Masai Market again. This time I wasn't nearly as intimidated by the aggressive sellers and even did my own bartering! I got a bunch of cool stuff and was pretty pleased with the amount I paid. For fun, when I got home, I played "What Would You Have Paid?" with Dad and Andrew to see how I did. I'm getting better. =)

Ethan and Keenan at the mall
(It was cute that they were dressed almost the same!)

Cute little pink girl (check out her battle scar)

Moriah sitting up with all the big kids at lunch today


Mom W. said...

Cute cubs!! Cute of Morian sitting with the big girls. Poor sore head on her. Did you see the New Stanley Hotel? We used to meet there all the times and used the washrooms. Did you go to Wimpy's hamburgers?

Kim said...

I was interested to read your blog. Your adventures in Africa look amazing.

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Rachel and Hans said...

I'm just getting caught up on your blog...LOVE the pictures! I hope you have safe travels home!