Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mara Wildlife Part One

Here are a few of our pictures from the Mara...

I realize what a gift and a blessing it was to be able to see these magnificent animals in their natural habitats. I would guess that most Kenyans have not had (nor likely ever will) the opportunity to go to the Mara and experience what we did, mostly because of the cost. It seems unfair that I got to experience part of their Kenya that they don't even know. One woman asked me yesterday if we had seen tigers there. She doesn't even know that they don't live here.

This was all I was able to upload right now - many more to come!

Herd of Cape Buffalo
Elephants (you'll see many more of these) =)
A big male lion with a female in the grass beside him

Isn't he beautiful??

So majestic...

This lets you see how close the vehicles were to him

Keenan and Moriah watching together

I thought this was cute

Philip got this pretty shot of a flock of (?) birds at sunset

Keenan checking out some buffalo

An elephant in the dying sun


Mom W. said...

Very nice, yes, a good thought about how many Africans never have this chance and maybe don't even value it as we do.

denise said...

How beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

amazing pictures!

Mom E said...

whoa, that lion was a little too close for my comfort zone, but beautiful and so majestic. (yes, slowly catching up!) :-)