Tuesday, March 16, 2010

"Kijabe Wifia"

The kids and I got the opportunity to go to a playgroup today with Angela and her kids. It reminded me a Lot of wifia, because it was a group of American missionary wives, all "in the same boat", and are a great group of friends who support each other. We were so blessed to get to spend an hour with them!

After that, since Dad and Philip had left for Nairobi to pick up Andrew and Rudy, Angela had us over for lunch, which was yummy! Keenan absolutely Loves playing with their kids and it's nice to have someone to hang out with who I have a lot in common with.

We borrowed their jogging stroller for the walk home, to help us over the rough terrain. Maybe now we'll actually get out and about around town more often.

Andrew and Rudy arrived here safe and sound. It's great to have them here! It's always good to see Andrew again, and it's been great catching up with Rudy, since it's been so long. I was great friends with his four sisters and spent a lot of time at their house in my teens. As Rudy put it, "Joia practically lived with us for five years". =) It's been fun reminiscing about "the good old days"... =)

The cool playground at Faith's house (she hosted playgroup)

Keenan's turn on the fun swing

Funny kid

Moriah's first time on a "big swing" by herself!
(It was like six inches off the ground)

Happy dude

Keenan and his buddy, Ethan


Anonymous said...

I'm just loving your Kenyan blogs, Joia. Enjoy it all, it looks just fabulous!
Love Diana

Jessica said...

That is such a cool playset!! I am so glad you guys are having a blast. :)

Mom E said...

HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY TO ALL YOU DOOLEY'S! Love the photos and hearing how God is providing for you on a daily basis! Hugs to Andrew for us!
Love, Mom

Rachel and Hans said...

I am very amazed at how the houses and yards look...not at ALL what I expected to see in Africa! Wow!

Looks like you are having a lot of fun!