Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fig Tree Paradise

Here are a few pictures of our lodging at the Fig Tree Camp on the Masai Mara...

At the entrance

Looking into our "tent" from the door

We had a double and a single bed

Our porch

Side view

On one of the pretty walkways between our tents and the dining room, etc..

Our group and our waiter, Joseph

Dining room seating area

Keenan on the bridge we crossed to get into the camp


During our afternoon safari, they came in and turned down the beds and pulled the mosquito nets around... so pretty!

The open air thatched roof reception area

Hot breakfast bar at our "bush breakfast"

Our table

The dining room

I'm finding myself really missing Andrew and Dan and Rudy. It's so much quieter (and not as fun) around here without them! Well, I shouldn't say quieter, because it's still pretty crazy around here, it seems like there are people coming and going all the time! I'm not used to that!

The kids and I went to playgroup again this morning. This time it was at a home that was practically on the edge of the Rift Valley and their huge living room windows have a panoramic view of the valley - breathtaking!! We had a lot of fun - it was really nice to sort of "know" people this time and I had some really great chats with several of the moms.
I also had a Kenyan woman give me a lesson on how to carry a baby on my back! Thanks to the Kenyan material that my friend, Sarah, lent me, I had just what I needed! The way they wrap it around the baby and mom really distributes the weight well and it's so much easier than carrying the baby in your arms! I've done it three times already today and I know it will come in very handy, having Dan gone with the truck!

Philip is staying Very busy at the hospital. He may do a post later about some of his experiences here. It looks like he may have to work on the inpatient wards for a while (which is fine, but he won't get to see as much variety as he's been able to see working in the OPD (Outpatient Department) and Casualty (ER).

We had a fun relaxing time together this evening as a family, had dinner, got some fresh "english muffins" and tortillas from some women who came to the door (and ordered some samosas for tomorrow), walked to the Duka, and then went down to the guesthouse to do some laundry and visit with our friends, the Saunders. The power went out four times while we were there! =)

I love this ladder!

Keenan and I with a huge cactus

Moriah "beating up" on Keenan (both giggling hysterically!)

The kids and I before heading out for a walk (I Love carrying Moriah like this!)

Philip and Keenan were playing hide and seek. Since Philip "hid" above Keenan's eye level, Keenan didn't find him for the longest time! =)

I love this one of the boys in the tree =)

Animals on the Mara to come, don't worry! =)


Anonymous said...

Hey Joia,

I haven't been commenting that much, but I have been reading! your pictures are gorgeous! And the camp was beautiful! Were there really so many mosquitoes that you needed the netting to sleep? Or was it more for looks? What a beautiful place!

I miss you (even thought I wouldn't have seen you anyway...) and we're thinking of you often! Thanks for keeping the blog updated. It's fun to almost feel like we're there with you!

Love you all!

Auntie Bekah

Mom W. said...

Wow, what a gorgeous place and what a wonderful opportunity. I never had this but I have seen the animals and that is the best part really. The snake was not a cool reminder of what is there though...

Mom E said...

Oh how gorgeous is the place you got to stay at and the "bush brkfst" was so cool. Loved the new way to carry Moriah; you will definitely have to explain how you do that. Looks cool.
Love, Mom