Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Few more snaps

Here are a few more catch up pictures. We're almost there!

Keenan in a playhouse with some new friends

Me in my element, and Keenan enjoying a new baby too!
(Moriah was Quite jealous at this point)

Sweet baby Josh

Happy Belated Birthday, Andrew! (Where did your hair go?)
(His birthday was March 1st)
We had brownies instead of cake

The dudes
(Rudy in the back)

* Just a note - we are living on a mission station here - the houses and buildings in these pictures aren't a real indicator of what Kenya (and large parts of Africa) are really like!*


Rachel and Hans said...

I liked your "clarification"! I know that most of Kenya isn't like where you are...but I guess I'm still amazed at how nice the mission station is!

Mom W. said...

Happy Birthday again Andrew... and yeah, Joia, I was going to warn you about his hair but thought maybe he wanted to surprise/shock you =0)

Yeah, good idea to clarify, easy to bet a false impression!!!

Mom W. again said...

Woops... that is Get a false impression...

Anonymous said...

two words for you : brown baby



Aunt Heather said...

I think Andrew's packing on the lbs! Africa must agree with him.

Anonymous said...

hey guys! Glad that everyone made it there safe and sound! Its soo cool that Andrew gets to meet up with you guys as well! Looks like your all having a great time! Be safe and hope all is well!

Mom W. again said...

Andrew packing on the pounds, that will be the day... much be the short hair or the angle. He doesn't sit still long enough to pack on any pounds.

LOVE the baby too... =)