Saturday, March 6, 2010

Chillin' in Memphis

We had a great morning finishing stuff up at home, and were even able to get the house tidied before we left (which was a nice surprise).
Wendi was a huge help, and even made a trip back to our house to get the stroller (which we had forgotten and Desperately need!) Thanks, friend! =)

We had a great flight here to Memphis, and both kids were amazing!

We walked around for a while, stopped and let the kids play, then grabbed some lunch and found the quietest corner of the airport to attempt nap time. We have a small noise maker/CD player which was super helpful getting Keenan to sleep. Moriah was a bit more of a challenge and I had to put her in the stoller and walk and walk with her before she drifted off. Both kids took Great naps, and we're just waiting out our last couple of hours before our seven and a half hour flight to Amsterdam.

Here's a couple pics:

Moriah taking a nap on the way to Memphis

Keenan listening to some books (his first flight with his own seat!)

Yes, he's sleeping on the floor and that's kind of gross, but it IS behind the chairs right by the wall, where no one walks!

Moriah snoozing in the tipped back stroller

Hope to be back sometime tomorrow!


Rachel said...

He may be sleeping on the floor, but he is sleeping! That's awesome, Joia. My 2 year old would never sleep like that. I say if you can get him to sleep, the place is fine, you can always wash him!

Hope the rest of your trip goes smoothly!


Mom W. said...

Looks like things are going well so far... Good naps, how about you?


denise said...

awe! Such a good boy taking his nap.

If you have a Memphis layover for a while on the way back, let me know! We are about 90 min away from there and could come see you guys :)

Jessica said...

the new heading is awesome!!! I love it. I am with Rachel on the sleeping thing-if my kids would fall asleep in the middle of the walkway where ALL the people walked, I would let them. :) What a blessing they both got naps. that is just the beginning of the favor and peace that will be all over this trip! Love you guys!

Mom E said...

I agree w/ all the comments...amazing that they slept at all! I agree with Jessica too that you will have major favor and peace on this trip. I'm also adding safety and quick adjustment for all to the different time zones. Much love, Mom

Mom W. said...

Praying that hedge around them also... ditto to Jessica and Mom E.!!

Tara said...

i can't believe you braved kenya with 2 kids under 3! you rock! glad you had an awesome trip :)