Sunday, March 7, 2010


We are here at the Van der Valk hotel in Amsterdam! (4,500 miles from where I last posted!) Philip found us a beautiful, spacious hotel to rest and recharge during our 24 hour layover.

So, ya…. That was a long night on the plane! =) The flight was a little over eight hours and overall, I’d say it went really well. It was awesome to have the screens in the back of each seat so that Keenan could watch some movies, and the food was great! The kids got some decent sleep, but Philip and I didn’t get much at all and were really feeling it this morning when we landed. (Philip actually managed to figure out a way that he and Keenan could Lie Down on the two middle seats (we only had three of four). It was pretty impressive and I really wanted a picture, but the camera was in the overhead compartment and Moriah was sleeping on me.

We had planned to get out and see some of Amsterdam, but since our time was limited anyway, we figured that sleep was the most important thing. We checked in and all took a three and a half hour nap! Then we headed to the (gorgeous) pool for a swim, showered and headed out for dinner. (After dinner, Keenan nearly lost Philip’s credit card in a crack between the wood panels on the wall of the restaurant – so not cool!)

Right now Moriah is out, and Keenan is getting settled. We’re hoping for a great night’s sleep (despite the five hour time change), so that we’re recharged for another long flight tomorrow!

Please continue to pray for us, especially the kids, they are exhausted (naturally) and often finding it hard to cope without melting down.

God has been good, we’re halfway there!

Sorry no pics this time, the internet connection was being a bum...


Jessica said...

wow, I am so glad to have these updates. It is just mind boggling that you are in Amsterdam right now. Did you guys have to buy Moriah a ticket? I thought for international travel that you did, but since you mentioned only having 3 seats, maybe you didn't?! Just curious. Love you guys, have a great flight to KENYA!!! xoxo

Mom W. said...

Nice to hear from you, praying all continues to go well tomorrow!!! Sounds like a nice hotel!!

Mom E said...

Sooo glad to hear from you and that you're safe and having some sleeping time. Awesome that you got to stop in Amsterdam and rest. Really felt led to pray for you guys around 4 p.m.EST time, I think it was. Love you all, and peace, safety and no melt downs on your next leg of travel. :-) Love, Mom