Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Last Sleep in Kenya!

The clock is ticking down our remaining time in Kijabe!!

It's been a good, fairly relaxing day today. We spent a bit of time with the Saunders this afternoon and then went back this evening for Ethan's 3rd birthday party. It's pretty cool that he and Keenan have only known each other for three weeks and they've had the chance to celebrate both of their birthdays together! =)

We had a delicious meal and some awesome homemade ice cream cake for dessert - go Angela!

We'll head for Nairobi sometime tomorrow morning, make a few last minute purchases, and then meet up with the Saunders somewhere for lunch (they'll be in town running a few errands).

Our flight leaves at 10 PM tomorrow night. Please pray for happy (sleeping) kids and safe travel. We will get into Amsterdam in the morning and will hopefully be able to get out and do some fun stuff and see some sights before checking into our hotel.

Off to bed!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Sunday/Monday Catch Up

I'm sorry I forgot to post on Sunday. I did write a post yesterday, but somehow it didn't send... here's what we've been up to:

Sunday Philip was on call, so the rest of us went to church and he came later. I went with Angela to Sunday School with the kids, so I missed the message, but the singing (especially the Revival Choir) was awesome!

After church, the Saunders came over so I could get some super cute pictures of their kids and then we had lunch and got started on our packing.

Yesterday morning I helped Andrew make his famous cinnamon buns and then we took them down to the Saunders to bake them and had breakfast with them - delicious!!

Angela was kind enough to watch both kids for a couple hours so Dad could take Andrew and I on a tour of all the hospital buildings.

We started our tour in the workshop where his friend, Alex, makes prosthetics. It was really interesting!

It really is a great hospital and they are able to do some pretty amazing things. It is obviously still Much different than hospitals in North America, and I had to take some pretty deep breaths when we were walking through some of the wards. =) The wards are so full (and cramped) that privacy is almost non existent (unless you can afford to be in one of the few private rooms).

We got to visit briefly with Philip (and take him one of the cinnamon buns) before he had to get back to work.

When we got back to the Saunder's house, Keenan was in little boy heaven (aka, the dirt pile), as happy as can be!! He was Not impressed when I told him it was time to go home for lunch. He was so dirty that he and I walked back, while Dad drove the rest.

After lunch, we were invited by my new friend, Wambui, to come see her house and meet her two daughters. This was a taste of what I call "real Kenya living". The tiny homes (rooms) were all attached and made out of mud and wood, held together with barbed wire. Each home would have fit almost twice in my bedroom at home. What a dose of reality!

For dinner this evening, we went to Mama Chiku's, a tiny restaurant run by a friend of Dan's. He had been telling us about it, but we'd never made it over there, so decided to do it today before Andrew heads out tomorrow. It was pouring rain when we got there, and as soon as he got out of the truck, Keenan slipped in the mud and pretty much covered the front of him! He started crying and saying, "I'm all yucky!!" Poor guy. The food was Amazing!! Some of the best I've had in Kenya! We had potatoes, rice, nyama choma (roasted meat), mixed veggies, cooked shredded cabbage and chapati (like fried pita, soo good!) They brought the food out in big "family style" bowls and we polished it off! The power was out at the time, so we ate in the dying light of day until it was too dark and then they brought us some candles.

Philip and I finished most of our packing last night and got it weighed. (Go us! Getting it done before the day before our flight!) =)

Andrew made (awesome) crepes for breakfast this morning and then he and Dan headed to Nairobi to do a few things before taking him to the airport. We miss him already! =0/

Here's the Saunders photo shoot:

I love this one!

Cute black and white


One of my favorites

How cute are they??




Angela and Jeff with the kids

Great friends!!

Me and my girl
(I'm wearing a Kenyan dress borrowed from my friend, Sarah)

Philip, Mumo and Andrew

Papa playing with Moriah

The master at work


Alex with a moving knee part

In the play room at the CURE Children's Hospital

Proud Dad and his son

Proud wife =)

Keenan immediately made friends when we arrived at Wambui's neighborhood

This little girl took his hand and ran off with him! =)

Abby holding Moriah

Dad, Keenan and the cow

Wambui wth her two girls (Abby in the red and Michelle in the middle)

Meeting Wambui's mom. The little girl in the orange in the background is Wambui's sister, (she and her mom have children the same age!)

One of the rooms Wambui shares with her family

The "kitchen" and two beds. That's one her sisters in the corner on the bed (she was sick)

I asked this woman if I could take her picture because I thought the contrast of age and youth was so beautiful

Wambui and I (I'll miss her!)

The path that runs between the homes

Joseph in a goodbye picture with Andrew

Dinner at Mama Chiku's with Mumo

Friday, March 26, 2010

Nairobi, Diguna and Beyond

Our time is winding down here but we had a great day today!

This morning, James, a friend of Dan's (and an excellent carver) stopped by with carving I had ordered, as well as a selection of others he had made. I was thrilled with the piece he made for us, and we bought several others as well.

After that, we loaded up (poor Andrew was stuck in the back without a seat) and headed for Nairobi. We had lunch at the popular (and amazing) Java House with a couple of Dan's friends. The food was amazing (the kids were thrilled to see french fries again!) and I also got a creamy, iced coffee drink - yum!

Next, we went to the house of Robbie, a good friend of Dan's, who lives in a beautiful home right on the edge of a game park (and we saw elands, zebras and gazelles from his back porch!) He was super cool and was a great host. He gave us some amazing (Klondike type) ice cream cones which we all thouroughly enjoyed!

Our last stop was at Diguna, a German run mission station near Nairobi, and met Martha Mischnick (she and her husband have been in Africa for over 30 years and in Kenya for 13). They also live beside the game park and we saw some giraffes from her back yard. She Also served us ice cream (homemade over delicious spiced pears), what a tasty afternoon for us! We bought a few things in the souvenier shop and then headed for home (and made a quick stop to see Martin, Martha's husband).

We're starting to get things together to get packed up and Philip is working on figuring out how to safely pack the 3 foot wooden giraffe we bought!

Cute girl and her handsome dad at Java House

With Koech and Panina

Nairobi skyline from Robbie's house

Keenan cleaning out the bowl of frosting for the cake

Keenan "helping" Mama Shayla with the washing

Big kiss from Spicey =)

With Robbie's amazing view in the background

Moriah enjoying a mango popsicle after an unfortunate lip cutting fall

Ice cream cones!

Papa giving Keenan his first slingshot lesson

Robbie and Riah

Beautiful plant at Diguna
Family picture at Mischnick's
A rare one of the two of us

I Love Keenan's scrunched up giggly face here!
Me and my bro


Three Generations of handsome dudes

The ice cream at the Mischnicks!

Keenan with some new friends =)