Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Weekend catch up

Okay, so I'm finally getting around to posting the pictures from the weekend! It's been a little sparse on pictures around here lately, so hopefully this makes up for it...

To even things up, we watched Isaac and Elijah on Sunday morning so John and Wendi could go out for a brunch Valentine's date. We had fun!

Elijah in the tunnel

The pro

Boys and trains

Isaac happy in car world

...and then the train took a spill =)

Keenan and Isaac watching "Bob the Builder"
(Isaac looks little worried here!)

Moriah comin' through

Hey good lookin'

Moriah planted one on him! =)

I Love how Isaac's hair is blowing up here! =)

"Mom, he won't let me have the chair so I can climb up on the fireplace!"

I guess I'll just have to do this myself...

...and hoist myself up...

"And that, folks, is how you get up on the fireplace!"

Her cute Valentine's outfit - "Love Grows on Trees"

The little ones took a turn on the trampoline

Silly goof!

Elijah's turn! (I love Moriah's expression in the background!)

They loved all the beads!

Myrtle popped over for a minute (it was her 79th birthday!) and gave Moriah a push =)

Keenan helped Daddy in the yard

Love this

Payment for hard work! =)

The hardworkin' boys taking a nap! How cute are they??

That evening we went out to a few stores. Kohl's first...

...where I scored big on some kid's shoes on clearance!
(Keenan's Carter's shoes were marked down from $39.99 to $7.99 and the two pairs of Jumping Bean shoes for Moriah were marked down from $24.99 to $4.99!)

I stood Moriah by this wall of kid's shoes, she took the pink pair off the rack, sat down and tried to take her own shoes off so she could try them on! I guess girls are born with a love for shoes! =)

Aaaahhh, shoes....

Next was Lowes. I'm pretty much bored out of my mind when we go to Lowes or Home Depot, and can't wait to be done! Moriah and I went off on our own, and found something we actually liked!

We both agreed that when she has a big girl bed she Needs this pretty canopy! =)

The boys trying out the tractors on our way out

Monday was Philip's birthday. The kids and I hung a birthday banner, I put birthday hats on them, they colored a Happy Birthday Daddy picture, and then when he got up, he opened his gifts and cards.

Myrtle stopped by with her niece's daughter, Matelaine, with a birthday gift for Philip (the fleece he's wearing below), and fun gifts for the kids!

Birthday morning picture with everyone


Monday night we went out for dinner to celebrate Myrtle and Philip's birthdays...

Us girls =)
(And can I say it again, Isn't Myrtle beautiful?)

The guys doing their thing

Moriah trying to figure out how to use a straw

She loved having a taste of my raspberry iced tea!

All of us

After dinner we headed over to the mall so Philip could check several stores for laptop backpacks. Myrtle and I stayed at the play area and watched the kids. We mostly laughed the whole time at how silly they were! =)

On to today...

She is getting better every day!

We visited the library this afternoon to pick out some safari books for Keenan's party this weekend..

Checking out the fish tank, the best part

Keenan's ear surgery is in the morning. We have to have him at the hospital at 6:30 and his surgery will be at 8:00. It should be pretty straight forward and fast (about 30 minutes total). Please pray that it goes well and that he gets over any discomfort after quickly. Moriah will be staying at Wendi's so that I can have some one on one time with Keenan after his surgery.

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