Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine's fun

Today was a chilly, but great day. =)

We had our Valentine's MOPS meeting and I had a lot of fun making some cute chocolate pretzel sticks for each of our members, that I incorporated into the centerpieces. Here's what they looked like:

I found the cute mold at Party City for 99 cents and just Had to try it! It was really easy and fun!

The finished products

A couple pictures I stole from the MOPS blog:

The centerpieces

Britanee and her brand new baby girl, Ava! =)

Me, Tammy and Amanda
(Wendi gave me this shirt yesterday, it says, "All you need is Love... and chocolate", I love it!)

Pictures at home from yesterday and today:

Sweet smiley goof
(This picture was taken between several random episodes of vomiting last night... so sad for the wee girl) =0/

Keenan on the phone with Daddy, hand in pocket


...and such is life around here these days =)

"Uh ya, I'll have a large order of french fries, please"

Zooming around the house together

Quote of the day: "Keenan, please don't spit on me."
"I didn't spit on you".
"Yes you did!"
"No, I just drooled on you!"

Thanks to everyone who has given movie suggestions - I've hit on some great ones! =) Yes, we've seen Up and loved it!

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Mom W. said...

Keenan's comment... very Keenan LOL

You have quite the climber chick there. I thought she would be more cautious, any falls yet??

The pretzels look impressive, how did they taste?