Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sunny days are comin'

Here are some pictures from yesterday and today:

The weather is starting to finally warm up around here enough to play outside without tons of layers on! Woohoo!

Brushing dirt off her hands =)

Finally a picture of her tooth (and the teeny tiny one beside it!)

Keenan, his dump truck and his first scraped knees of the season =0/

I didn't take my camera to the mall last night. I gave myself permission to have a camera free evening and just enjoy my time with my kids - and I did! =0)

Andrea watched Keenan and Moriah for a few hours this morning while I went to an appointment and grocery shopping. She sent me some pictures fro their time at her house:

The ladies

Jonathan and Keenan with the train (that Keenan was So excited to play with!)

I LOVE this one! LOL!

I'm not sure what's going on here, but it cracks me up! =)

Moriah took a late morning nap, so Keenan and I had a "picnic" together on the floor in the toy area with fun kid foods - hot dogs, cheetos, etc... He called it a "cheeto picnic". It was really fun to have time together, just the two of us. =)

After Moriah got up, we headed to Turkey Creek for a walk, since it was such a pretty day...

I Love this one of Keenan - he ran almost the entire time we were there (which would explain why he's Still napping!) =)

Goofy kids

Checking out the water

The kids were fascinated by this squirrel

The girl and the squirrel sizing each other up

After the squirrel got nervous and jumped off the fence, he waited on this tree thinking, "Okay, there's only water down here, the sooner you leave and I can come back up, the better!"


Flakymn said...

Good for you in having a picture-free evening. That's a-ok by me -- one of your most loyal readers.

JB teased me one time. He said, "Wendi if you don't take a picture and it doesn't go on the blog, it still actually HAPPENED."


Mom E said...

I agree w/ Wendi, good for you that you had picture-free time with the kids. And how funny is JB's comment to Wendi. lol. Love you!

Mom W. said...

Love Moriah in the sunglasses brushing off her hands. Glad the kids are better and the weather too. Send some of that warmth here.