Thursday, February 11, 2010

Suggestions for my Queue?

Hey readers - I need to add some more movie titles to my online queue with Blockbuster - what great movies have you watched recently that you'd recommend? =0)


Anonymous said...

Dinner with Friends

Greg Kinnear is in it

Anonymous said...

Have you seen 'The Soloist'? It's good and thoughtful too.

Ward Family said...

I've got Netflix and have about 50 movies saved on my queue. If you check out my blog from last week I put my own little mini review of movies I've seen lately. I was not impressed with several of them, but my personal favorites are The Proposal, Up, and Love Happens.

Flakymn said...

27 dresses. It was way cute.

Flakymn said...

Akeelah and the Bee

I went back and looked at this post on my blog:

and found some of my all-time favorites. If you haven't seen some of these, add 'em okay?!

1. Return to Me
2. Counte of Monte Cristo
3. Armageddon
4. Apollo 13
5. Remember the Titans
6. Knight's Tale
7. While you were Sleeping
8. The Notebook
9. Princess Bride

Also MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING. I could watch that a million times in a row.

New in Town (with Renee Z.) might interest you b/c it is a Miami to MN. connection ... with your Florida to Canada it might be fun.

Dan in Real Life.

Jessica ( said...

I think I could watch the proposal 5 times in a row. It was sooo funnY! And I agree that the Soloist was really good. some others: hurricane season, Bride Wars and Confessions of a Shopaholic.

I have wanted to see "my life in ruins" (haven't yet) with the girl from "my big fat greek wedding" which is an awesome movie too if you haven't seen it! Flash of Genius also looked good but haven't seen it yet.

Jessica said...

LOL to Wendi! We were writing at exact the same time and both said My Big Fat Greek Wedding. That is hilarious!

Joia said...

Thanks for all the suggestions!

I added The Soloist and a few of Wendi's suggestions (we had already seen most of them).

We've already seen The Proposal, Jessica (and really liked it!) as well as Bride Wars, and Hurricane Season was already next up on our cue. =)

Anonymous said...

You definitely need to see Up!! It is such a great story!!
Also Nights in Rodanthe is good with Richard Gere, and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is one of my favorites! Brad Pitt does an amazing job in that!

Anonymous said...

Up might make you cry! :) Just a warning! It is really good though.

Anonymous said...

see mine @