Thursday, February 4, 2010

Project Smile

Have five minutes and a stamp? Want to make a difference in the life of a little girl and her family?

I was recently made aware of a family in Michigan (friends of Philip's cousin, Denise) who are currently living out their last few months with their youngest daughter, Bethany (16 months old).

They have decided to make life as full of joy as they can for the remaining time they have with her. Getting mail is a bright spot in the day for Bethany and her sisters. By sending a card, or a note, and just saying "Hi! We're praying for you!", we can help brighten their day, lighten the load on their hearts, and "bear one another's burdens".

Sisters Katy & Audrey with Bethany

Here is the email that Amy, Bethany's mom, originally wrote about the kick off of Project Smile:

"Hello Friends, As you may or may not have heard, we got some pretty difficult news from Bethany's doctors this week. We have never been given a time frame on Bethany's life expectancy before, but this week the doctors gave us one. The chemo that she has been having has not been working. If this continues and nothing we try does damage to the cancer, than she may only have 2-4 months left. We have been waiting to get on a brand new clinical trial. If that one works, that may add another 2-4 months. What do you say or do when someone tells you that your child has only a few short months left in this world? How do you smile? How do you find the strength to even get out of bed? The only answer that I know is through JESUS! Our families heart has been so overwhelmed with sadness these last few days. It is only by the grace of God and His mercies that we have peace. We have to now focus on the happiness of Bethany. We do not want these next few months to be miserable on her. It brakes our heart to see her feeling sick and we want to do everything we can to brighten her spirit. So, I really feel the Lord placed an idea on my heart. Here it is: PROJECT: SMILE! We would like to brighten Bethany's day with a piece of mail from those who have been praying for her. So many people have asked me if there is anything they can do for her or our family and this would be a great idea. Help bring a smile on Bethany's face and not only her face, but her sisters and family member's faces. Send a card or postcard. She loves getting mail!! It doesn't have to be anything special. If you need an idea, she loves animals and in particular puppies. We really aren't asking for anything special, just a simple hello will do.

Our address is:
The Hagerman Family
1257 Leonard Ave.
Muskegon, MI 49442

We are so thankful for all of your prayers and love! May God bless each of your lives in such amazing ways!! Keep believing for that miracle!!
With much love, Amy"


denise said...

THANK YOU soooo much for passing this along, Joia! My Mommy heart breaks for this family and JUMPED at the chance to make them have a smile! I know you understand. They will love getting an enJoiable card :) (did I spell it right?)

Ward Family said...

It always breaks my heart to hear of ANY parent having to deal with losing a child. But this is such a great idea! It's so simple and if it brings a smile to their face then it's totally worth it. Would it be ok if I copy and paste this to my facebook page? I'm guessing some of my friends might want to participate as well.

Joia said...

Ward Family - that would be great! =)

The Woodford's said...

Thanks so much for posting this, Joia - I think I'll do the same on our blog/facebook, if you don't mind. How my heart hurts for them! So thankful they know Jesus!
Love you!