Sunday, February 28, 2010

Pictures from NOLA, etc..

The remainder of our time in New Orleans was great! We had a really fun afternoon at the aquarium (the kids Loved it!) and then went back to the hotel and got naps before our evening out.

Unfortunately it was cold and rainy on the way to the riverboat, but once we got inside, it was pretty cool. It was Very full (hundreds of others from the same conference Philip was at). The food was Delicious! Keenan's favorite part was watching the Huge paddle wheel go around! Moriah just wanted to get down and walk, and charmed everyone she saw. =)

Moriah being goofy

Dr. G and the kids before we headed out for dinner
(No pictures from this, since we walked and I didn't even take a purse)

At the Aquarium...

Philip and the kids and a shark

I loved how the lighting made for great silhouette shots!

How cute are they?

Down the slide!

Moriah too!

I caught a sweet Daddy and Moriah moment =)

Hangin' out in a clam shell

Riding a killer whale

Moriah's in the fish tank!

Moriah and Daddy (I love how the fish is checking them out here!)

Our walrus and starfish =)

The kids and I

Finding Nemo and Dory

Happy me

We got to see the penguins at feeding time =)

Our family in the sharks mouth!

This shows how Big it was!

The kids and I up in a "tree house"

On the way down

All of us by a pretty waterfall

As we left the aquarium there was a freight train going by (that we could stand Right beside!)

Keenan was a little scared at first, but then was fascinated =)

I love this one =)

Us girls

The boys with a street car

This couple (and their cool homemade bike) were pretty interesting!

On the riverboat cruise on the Mississippi...

Moriah and I

The boys having dinner (Keenan not in a picture mood)

The paddle wheel whizzing by outside the window

Moriah with our friend's daughter (both wearing pink sparkly shoes)

Out on the dance floor

The drive home yesterday went really well, and the weather was gorgeous when we got here.

About half an hour after we arrived home, my Aunt Nora (my dad's sister), and Uncle Jim, arrived from Ontario. They are on their way to Kissimmee for a month of vacation. They left in a blizzard, so are very happy to be in some warmer weather!

After the kids got up from their naps yesterday afternoon, we all headed to Baytowne Wharf for dinner. We had just got there, and let the kids into the playground area when Philip got a phone call.... TWO of his patients were in labor, and he needed to get to the hospital ASAP! =0/ So, we turned around and made the half our drive back home, dropped Philip off with his car, and then headed to Guisseppi's Wharf for dinner instead. Bummer for Philip, but we had a nice dinner, and then I dropped food of at the nurse's station on L&D for him. He got home at 2:30 AM, after delivering a healthy boy and a girl.

Cute picture of Uncle Jim and Moriah at the playground

I had to get this picture to prove that we actually Were at Baytowne Wharf (if for only a few minutes!)

Dinner at Guisseppi's

The kids in the tub last night with toothbrushes suctioned to their foreheads! =)

This morning we headed to the Gulfarium! Philip had never been, and I hadn't been since our first summer here when Keenan was four months old! We bought a family pass (on the last day that they were 50% off - sweet!!)

It was really fun! We saw a couple shows, and Keenan loved seeing all the dolphins, sharks, turtles, sea lions, otters, sting rays, birds and fish that they had! It will be soo much fun to be able to go back whenever we want!

As I tried to take my first picture, my batteries died, so Aunt Nora saved the day by letting me use her camera!

Cute girl in another clam shell

Aunt Nora and Uncle Jim

Family picture by the Gulf

Sleepy Moriah being snuggly with Aunt Nora

Great group shot!

Sweet sea lion/dolphin kiss =)

Kyle showing off

Keenan on a three wheeler

Pretty girl

Riding Dumbo

Family with the dolphin ride

At the dolphin show

Moriah walking with some pretty nice helpers

BIG sleepy gator

The Canadians and the gator in the background

Very cute otters!

Keenan striking his Own pose in the clam shell - what a goof! =0)

We came home, had lunch, and then Myrtle came over (because they all wanted to meet each other) and kept us laughing with funny stories for about an hour! Now the kids and men are taking naps while Aunt Nora and I do computer stuff. They head out in the morning =0/


Brittny said...

so fun!!!! i have a pic of my friends and in that same shark when i was in high school. how funny!!!!

Brittny said...

i forgot to mention that was about 15+/- years ago. old fart.

Mom W. said...

Wow, nice catch up post, looks like it is a bit cool there though since Jim and Nora have jackets on... Nice and sunny though.

Mom W. said...

Wow you passed 87,000 just today!!!

Mom E said...

OK, so just as I was thinking how cool and funny the pic of Moriah on Philip's shoulders inside the fish tank was, and then an equally hilarious pic comes up with the toothbrushes on each kid's forehead! LOL. U R 2 funny, Joia. Great post and nice to "meet" your Canadian family via the blog.

Oh, and the ONLY thing that made losing in hockey to the Canadians in the Olympics bearable, was being related to some really awesome Canadians! Congrats on the (double) win (men and women's hockey) to all my wonderful Canadian family and friends.