Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Me and Sports

Anyone who knows me well, knows that sports have never played role in my life. I was recently thinking though, that I do a lot of things that have humorous comparisons to a lot of popular sports: =)

I don't like baseball... but have made more than one "home run" from places to be with my family.

I'm no good at basketball... but I can dunk laundry into a hamper from across the room!

I can't play football... but I have a wicked "touchdown dance" (that only my kids will ever see)

I've never played golf... but I often say, "In the hole!" when feeding a baby in the high chair, and love to play on the green with my kids.

I'm not a runner... but I "run" errands and "race" the clock every day!

I'm not a great swimmer... but I dive into what I do with everything I have.

I have only played tennis once... but I am trying daily to improve my serve.

I'm no hockey player... but a blue line (actually two) has determined the rules of the game in my life a couple times. =)

I've never attempted the hurdle.... but I have hurdled obstacles in life and been bettered by the experience.

Gymnastics is not for me... but I am constantly on the balance beam, and when things get out of whack, I find myself tumbling.

I have never gotten into curling... but have spent a lot of time with a broom in my hands.

Ah well... maybe sports are a bigger part of my life than I thought! =)


Mom W. said...

Does she have a writing gift or what??

Fun post and thought provoking - you scored with me!

Jessica said...

seriously Judy. Wow! Perfect 10 Joia! You are so witty!

Mom E said...

I'd call this blog a slam dunk. :-) very good, as usual. Love, Mom

Mom E said...

p.s. I am pretty athletic and can teach you how to throw a perfect spiral on a football sometime...or hit and catch a baseball (or softball). :-) oh and btw, you are a girl who skates better with hockey skates than figure skates,so I'm thinking this whole "not very athletic" thing might not hold as much water as you think! you rock on skates, my dear! I've seen you. lol.