Monday, February 8, 2010

McPlay date

* We did end up getting some Super Bowl action at our house after all! Philip figured out how to watch it online, and we had Vanilla Coke and pigs in blanket to snack on - go Saints!*

This morning we met up with some new friends at the Blue Water Bay McDonald's to play, have lunch and get to know each other. I was pretty impressed with the play place, I think it might be the coolest one I've ever been at! It had two different movies playing, three other screens playing TV (one was sports, facing an adult table), several kid sized tables, three video games, two slides, tunnels, moving animals and Tons of space! Keenan Loved it!!

We met up with Lesley (wife of one of the interns), who has two sons, Will and Matt, who's ages are on either side of Keenan. She also has a tiny six week old daughter, named Madelyn. I have no pictures of her (what???) because she slept the whole time and I didn't get to hold her...

With the Big giraffe!

Soo fun!

"What is with that moving butterfly??"

Keenan way up at the top


Love this look

Keenan enthralled with a movie before his friends got there

I thought this picture was Adorable - and look, there's me! =)

Moriah chatting with Matt (and getting a thumbs up from his big brother, Will!)

He seems very impressed with what she's saying.. =)
(They played sooo well together!)

Talking to Will upon his arrival at her end of the slide

Full slide! That's Moriah way in there at the end!

Something funny that Keenan said this morning:
He was watching me cut up some cooked chicken for our chicken lasagana tonight and he asked for a piece. After he ate it he said, "That made my tummy feel soo happy!" =)

I have a random question: What are some ideas of things I can make using cottage cheese? I don't eat it by itself, and lasagna is the only thing I usually use it in - what else can I do with the rest of it that I got for dirt cheap? =)


Rabens Family said...

I have a cottage cheese recipe for you. I usually make it for St. Patrick's Day since it is green, but it is YUMMY all year. It is on my blog at:

Madison would be very sad to hear that you don't eat cottage cheese plain. It is one of her favorite snacks.

Rachel and Hans said...

Ship it to me...I LUV cottage cheese! Fresh tomatoes in the summer + cottage cheese = yummy!

Anonymous said...

You can use it by mixing a bit of it with some cooked chicken and a tbsp of Italian dressing, some cheese and spices and putting it in a stuffed pita. A great healthy alternative to chicken salad. Lots of protein.


Mom W. said...

I wondered when you said you got it so cheap what you were going to do with it... =)

It IS actually good with tomato Joia, you should try it.

Anonymous said...

It's also great mixed with fruit for lunch.

denise said...

Dalton has that same brown hammer shirt. He loves it! I'll have to find a picture of him wearing it and send it to Keenan! (it's a current size that he wears)

I want a play place like that around here!

Anonymous said...

Chip dip:

pretty much equal amounts of salsa, cottage cheese and sour cream

Samantha said...

White enchiladas.


1 1/2 c. sour cream & cottage cheese
1 (1 oz.) onion soup instant mix
1 c. chopped green onions
12 corn tortillas
1 lg. can (7 oz.) green chilies, seeded, cut in 12 strips
1 lb. Jack cheese, shredded
1 can (10 oz.) enchilada sauce, mild
Salad oil

Combine sour cream, cottage cheese, onion soup and green onion. Set aside. In pan heat 1/4 inch oil; dip tortillas in. Turn over, lift out when limp (2-3 seconds) and drain.
Spoon 1/4 cup mixture down center. Top with chili. Add 1/4 cup cheese. Roll up; place seam side down in 9 x 13 inch pan. Spoon over the remaining mixture and enchilada sauce and cheese. Bake in a 350 degree oven for 30 minutes or bubbly. 6 servings or 2 enchiladas.

you can leave out the jalapenos if its too spicy for the kids.

Serve with some rice and tortilla chips. Easy and cheap.