Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ladies Night/Surprise Baby Shower!

Last night was super fun! Ten of us got together for a fun night of fondue at Melting Pot, and surprised Sarah with a baby shower, too! =0) (This was my Fourth baby shower in two months!)

The evening was filled with amazing cheese fondue, meat fondue, chocolate fondue, great conversation and lots of laughs!

From left - Kara, Kacey, Andrea, Jodi, Sarah
Tiff's Mom, Tiff, Wendi, Joia, Joan

Wendi, Joan and I

The diaper basket I made for Sarah

This card has a story =)
Last year, for Keenan's birthday, Sarah gave me a cute birthday card with a green frog on it,
For Isaac's birthday last May, I took the frog off, glued it on some scrapbook paper, and put it on some cardstock.
For Keenan's birthday This year, Wendi took the frog of my card, and stuck it on some construction paper and made a card from her boys.
Then... for Sarah's shower, I took the frog off Wendi's card, added some pink, and made a baby girl card! LOL!
It's the most recycled card ever!!

Sarah wearing the rabbit ears =)

Last night, I slept over at Wendi's. Since my kids were already there (since we shared a sitter), asleep, I didn't want to wake them, drag them home at 11:00, then get them back up in time to take them Back to Wendi's this morning so I could get to a 9:00 appointment. Wendi And Joan both gave up their beds so that Keenan could have one and Moriah and I shared a room! How great are they?? Here are a couple of pictures I snapped when I got back to the house this morning...

Joan "on reading duty" for the boys

Looks like Isaac isn't too sure about this book!

The young'uns at the window

Elijah reading to himself

Moriah carried a book over to Wendi to get some reading time to herself =)

...then was joined by Isaac =)

We're back home and getting lots done! Tomorrow after MOPS we leave for New Orleans for the weekend!


Mom W. said...

Diaper basket way cute!! Hope your trip went well.

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