Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Keenan's Adventure at the Hospital

Keenan had his surgery this morning, to place the tubes in his ears which will hopefully help him have less ear infections and also improve his hearing. The tubes themselves are Way smaller than I imagined, and only required a one millimeter incision to insert them!

I dropped Moriah off at Wendi's shortly after six (where she had a Great time for the next few hours!) and then met up with Philip and Keenan at the hospital.

Here are the pictures from the whole experience:

On our way in at 6:30 AM

Silly face as he shows off one of his three patches
(They didn't seem to have kid sized gowns, so he just wore an adult scrub top)

Takin' it easy in the bed

Happy to have his good friend, Bunny, along

Reading some books with Daddy

I was happy to snuggle in the bed with him when he asked! =)

Trying on his hat (also not kid sized) and giggling as Philip put his arm back in the huge sleeve

They had given him some type of oral medication to "take the edge off". This soon made him very giggly and then pretty spacey. Philip and I had a great time, laughing and asking him questions and watching him fade into silliness... =)

This might be my favorite of the day

He was well on his way to nutty by the time they came to get him, so I didn't feel bad that we couldn't be with him (Philip didn't end up getting to go in after all, some policy - if he'd known this ahead of time, he probably could have worked something out).

We weren't in the waiting room long before the doctor was back out to tell us that it had gone perfectly and then the nurse came to take us back to see him in recovery. He was all bundled up in warm blankets and was awake and happy to see us.

Sleepy boy

He was Very excited to get a popsicle before we left (red with Ice Cream in the middle!)

Ready to go!

He was still a little unsteady as we were heading out and after almost walking into a wall, Philip decided he should carry him. =)

After we said goodbye to Philip and left the hospital, we stopped at Sonic for a favorite drink for each of us and then did a little shopping and picked up a small early birthday present for Keenan.

Then we went to get Moriah, visited a minute with Wendi and the boys and came home for lunch and naps. I woke up at 5, so I'm going to head to bed too!

Thank you to all who were praying, it couldn't have gone better! =)


Jessica said...

What a big man! How sweet! I just realized that he is going to have his birthday in KENYA! How cool is that?!?! So glad the surgery went perfectly. :)

Rabens Family said...

So happy to hear that everything went well. You guys have been in our thoughts and prayers today.

Mom W. said...

Go Keenan!! So glad all is well and he was so calm. Sounds like he wasn't afraid or cry at all. Good first hospital experience!!

Anonymous said...

It was so great to talk with Keenan tonight. He was hilarious telling me about his experience. Couldn't believe how well he was doing in such a short period of time. So glad it went so well. Love, Mom

Mom E said...

p.s. sorry I didn't mean to be "anonymous", it sent before I had a chance to select a name! This laptop has a mind of its own sometimes!

Rachel and Hans said...

Glad everything went well! I hope those tubes work well for him.

denise said...

Love the giggly pictures of him. I'm glad it went well!!! I hope it helps his infections go away :)