Friday, February 12, 2010



-have used the seat warmers in the van a LOT lately!

-heard that Hawaii was the only one of the 50 States that did Not get snow today.

-was up a lot in the night with Keenan.

-am not thrilled or excited about the fact that Keenan has to have surgery next week to have tubes put in his ears, but am hopeful that it will end his ear infections. I'm also excited that Philip will get to go into the surgery with him!

-did not enjoy the two hours we spent at the hospital this morning taking care of Keenan's pre op stuff, but was soo thankful that Philip was there to help with Keenan!

-am so thankful for a great friend like Wendi! She graciously welcomed us to hang out for a couple hours when I showed up unnanounced on her doorstep this morning. I needed to be Back at the hospital two hours later for an appointment for Moriah. Staying on base at Wendi's allowed Moriah to get in her nap, we had lunch, and then Wendi watched Keenan while I took Moriah to her appointment!

-chose to take a (much needed) nap this afternoon when we got home, instead of tidying the house before the bug guy came. I don't think I should feel bad that my house is messy, when I'm paying him to spray for bugs, not critique my housekeeping, right?

-wish that Philip didn't have to work late tonight, but am really looking forward to the long weekend with him - which includes a Valentine's date, and his birthday!

-am so happy that Dairy Queen is open again after being closed for renovations! We have BOGO coupons to use!

-love going into our kid's rooms each night with Philip, just to look at them while they sleep. We smile at each other and ask ourselves how we could be so blessed?

-love blowing bubbles for my kids while they're in the bathtub

-cannot believe that we leave for Kenya in just three weeks!!

-think it's cute that Keenan calls ripple chips "bumpy chips" =)

-love that Keenan knows how to use the dust buster by himself!


Flakymn said...

It was a pleasure having you.

And I say that I am sure, positive, a million percent, that the bug guy has seen Waaaaayyyy worse.

Anonymous said...

I have one problem with seat warmers. I'm cold, so I turn them on... Ah, nice and warm, nice and warm, nice and warm.... Ouch! Hot! Hot! Hot! My butt's burning! Turn it off fast! Fast! It's like there's no warning between enjoyment and burning! But no complaints here :) They're definitely nice on cold days:) Just was wondering if you'd ever felt the same thing.

A Day In the Life . . . said...

no snow here in Portland, or Boise Idaho either. Looks like its mostly on your side of the states. sorry

Joia said...

Sam, I don't mean every state is covered in snow, but Somewhere in every state (except Hawaii) there is snow today. =)

Mom W. said...

Cute post Joia... a good peek into your day!!!