Sunday, February 21, 2010

Giggles, Waffles, Hair Cuts, Band Aids and Ice Cream

Today has been a fun day at home for our family. =)

We started the morning with Keenan being silly and telling us stories in bed. Then, when Moriah woke up we all had breakfast (pecan waffles), and then did some video of both kids ,since it has been FOREVER since I have posted any video! (I'll have to have Philip help me with the editing before I post them).

Moriah relaxing after the party yesterday =)

Being very sweet and motherly with her baby this morning =)

Kisses for her babies

While Moriah was napping, both boys got hair cuts. Keenan's hair hadn't been cut since November!

(You'll see the after result in the next few pictures)

Moriah finally fits the "My Heart belongs to Daddy" shirt that she got for her birthday!
(I have no idea why she wanted to carry around Keenan's slipper)

After lunch, we hung out outside for a while and Philip cleaned out the car. Keenan fell (wearing flip flops and shorts) and cut his knees pretty bad, so we had to bandage him all up, and then we all went to Dairy Queen for ice cream! Sarah and Della had given Keenan a gift card for DQ as a "pre-surgery, hope it goes well" gift, so he treated us today! =)

Yay for my Buster Bar and a big cone for Keenan!
(Look at that handsome dude with the short hair!)

Moriah helped Philip with his Dilly Bar


This was just the beginning... =)

That's the stuff!

Keenan very sweetly sharing with Moriah

She's coming over for more! =)

With Keenan's party over, I can now focus on our Kenya trip (which makes Philip happy, since I think he figured I wasn't going to start getting packed until the day before!) I'm getting Really excited now, and cannot Wait for our adventure to start! The blog will have a new title while we're gone, so don't go away, it's still us! =0)


Mom W. said...

... and your guests coming this weekend...

Nice hair cuts!! I love Keenan's tongue hanging out when Moriah was having some of his ice cream.

Snow storm coming here...

Mom E said...

nice hair cut and awww, on Keenan sharing his ice cream with Moriah. I wish I was there to help you get ready for your trip. Love, Mom
p.s. rain here today...wish I was in snow (like your mom). ;-)