Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fun Sunny Day

We had our buddies, Isaac and Elijah over again this morning, while their mom went to the airport to pick up Joan. She rocks, I'm so glad she's back in town and will be able to celebrate with us at Keenan's party this weekend! =) Wendi also brought me lunch.. and Coke!! Love that girl! =)

After they left, I realized what a gorgeous day it had turned into, so I let the kids play outside for a while...

Keenan full speed ahead and Moriah toddling away! =)

Love her so much!

Noticing her shadow for the first time!

Watching Keenan go whizzing by

Taking a break to get the dirt out of his shoes =)

I think this truck might be his new best friend

Pretty eyes

Keenan and I matched today =)

I need to make good use of the rest of the kid's naptime... my to do list for the next few days is Huge! =)


Mom W. said...

Awwww cute pictures, surgery yesterday long forgotten...

Mom E said...

Moriah's shadow pic and Keenan's truck pic are adorable. All of them are, but those were xtra cute..oh, and the ripped jeans pic was cool too. It is amazing how just yesterday, Keenan was in surgery and today, was just another day! God is good. Love, Mom

Mom W. again said...

Ripped jeans yes, and both have shirts on with Canadian flags I see... neat picture!