Saturday, February 6, 2010

Friday Firsts and Lasts

Yesterday morning the four of us had our Last round of shots for Kenya!! The kids have been such troopers (Keenan had three yesterday and Moriah had four) and we're so proud of them! Philip and I both got typhoid shots yesterday and it was pretty painful later in the day! =0/

Speaking of Kenya, my brother Andrew just called this morning from Mozambique and said he's booking tickets to fly to Kenya and spend several weeks with us while we're there - woohoo!

Isaac and Elijah spent the morning with us while Wendi had some girl time with her friend, Kristi who's visiting. =) Once again, they were a pleasure to have around.

Myrtle came over yesterday afternoon and brought us a huge bowl of pecans in the shell. She had bought a bunch in Alabama, and got sick of shelling them, so she gave us a bunch! That was a first for me - I've never shelled pecans before (other than in a mixed nut mix at Christmas or something). They are really good! More pecan waffles/pancakes headed our way... =)

Moriah is getting more and more steady on her feet and is even starting to choose walking over crawling for short distances now... so fun! =)

Philip is on call today. Blah.

We will be heading out shortly for a birthday party - Elijah is one!! Yay!

After getting the one of Isaac and Elijah a while ago in this doorway, I took one of Keenan and Moriah a few days ago, and I love it!

Happy Weekend, everyone!


Anonymous said...

Hi Joia,

Firstly, I love the silhouette picture and think Moriah's skirt looks really cute in it :) She looks like a little ballerina!

Secondly, I'm SO GLAD it's going to work out for you to see ANDREW!!! How awesome is that? I was just emailing him this morning and thinking about the fact that we really miss seeing him, so that's SO EXCITING that you'll get to spend some time with him.

Love you all and Happy Weekend to you too!

Love Rebekah

Mom W. said...

The silhouette pic is really cute, I remember typhoid shots making my arm really sore!! =(