Sunday, February 7, 2010

Elijah's birthday party, etc..

Here are some pictures from Elijah's birthday party yesterday. It was at Chick-fil-A, and was really fun! (These pictures are ALL from Wendi's camera, since I forgot my camera! Great job taking photos, Kristi!)

Moriah in the slide with the birthday boy

Elijah and his beautiful Mom

Moriah and I

I love this one of Keenan and Jonathan in conversation

Cake time!

The kids each got a kid's meal, ice cream, a miniature cow and a goodie bag of "gourmet" (yogurt covered?) animal crackers, and everyone got cupcakes!

Sleepy Moriah snuggling Kristi =)

The Adorable lion cupcakes that Wendi, John and Kristi made
(idea compliments of Brittney R!)

Thanks for a fun party, John and Wendi!!

Keenan had So much fun playing with Jonathan and Christopher in the play area that he barely finished his food (and didn't even want a cupcake or ice cream!) before rushing back in!

Moriah was adorable eating her very own kid's meal, and she definitely enjoyed the cupcake and ice cream! =)

She was playing with my keys for about 20 minutes before we left, and when we went out to leave, both sliding doors were Wide open (and had been for How long??) Thankfully everything was okay inside.

After naps we went to the Commissary and... for once it really was "Worth the Trip", like their slogan says. There were some Awesome suprise deals going on! I got Philadelphia cream cheese for 10 cents, 16 oz of cottage cheese for 25 cents, 16 oz of Cool Whip for 25 cents, and some Kraft caramel bits for 37 cents!! Wow!!

Then we ran a couple of other errands and I picked up a movie for myself since Philip was on call. I decided to get "Motherhood" with Uma Therman. It was pretty good, not fantastic. I Did make me think "Wow, my life isn't really that busy or complicated after all!" =)

Still waiting for Philip to get home... he's now been gone for 26.5 hours... =0/

Doesn't look like there will be any Superbowl action going on for us today since we don't have cable....


Anonymous said...

Holy cats!!! Those are great deals!!!!!!!!!


Mom E said...

Wow!! I've never heard of such good deals. That's awesome. Next time you come here, I'll have to give you my grocery list. LOL.
I was thinking about Philip all day and wondering if he would be able to see the Super Bowl somehow. Jeff is lonely watching it by himself! He misses the days he had both his boys here to watch it with him. Today is Erik's b'day too,btw.
Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Wow, both you and Wendi look REALLY pretty in the birthday party pictures :)


Mom W. said...

Elijah and his beautiful Mom and Moriah and her beautiful Mom...! Nice party... looks like all the kiddos had a great time. Glad your kids were well again so they could go and Wendi's too.

Mom W. again said...

An observation... it is interesting that everyone else is in long sleeves but Wendi and John and their boys were in short sleeves... was it chilly or warm????

Joia said...

Rebekah - thank you!

Mom W - I think it was probably coincidence that John and Wendi were in short sleeves, and I think Isaac and Elijah tend to run a little on the warm side - so that's why they were in short sleeves. It was a little cool outside, but obviously warm in the restaurant.

Anonymous said...

wow all the kids are all growing up and getting big. Everyone looks great!