Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Busy Morning

Here are a couple pictures of Moriah first, and then on to today:

My crazy little climber! She scares me!

She had this funny little curl sticking up all day yesterday!

This morning Andrea dropped Jonathan and Chloe off for an hour. Since my kids had been stuck at home, I realized they hadn't played with other kids for over a week! Keenan Loved having Jonathan here, and the two of them had soo much fun!

Playing with the beads

The girls in the kitchen =)

The girls watched intently as their crazy brothers bounced around!

Taking a break


What handsome boys!! =)

Yesterday was a bit rough. I think I hit a wall, with the rotation Philip is on, the kids being sick, not feeling super myself, and being "needed" All the time! Philip's return and a good night's sleep made all the difference.. =)


Mom E said...

Thank you for being such a great wife to my son and mother to my grandkids. I loved that photo of the "girls in the kitchen"! How cute! And then the one of the boys was just so 'typically boy', wasn't it making goofy guy faces on the netting? Very funny!

Oh, and Happy Punxsutawney Phil day to Philip too! lol


Mom W. said...

Hang in there... Cute pics.

Groundhog Day in Canada!!!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the pics Joia! It looked like they had a great time - we look forward to seeing you guys tomorrow.