Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Blurbs about our day

8:30 - Dentist appointment for Keenan. His second visit, and once again, he did a great job - all good news on the teeth front. Moriah was very good sitting on my lap watching and even got a little pink toothbrush of her own. =)

9:10 - Drove by Denny's (after hearing about their "Free Grand Slam Breakfast deal until 2 PM"), but was unwilling to wait in the line outside with two kids. Not even free food was worth that.

9:25 - Home in time to hit the library for play/story/craft time - woohoo! Keenan had a great time playing, made a cute valentine craft and even got a goody bag. He soon discovered though (like the rest of us already know) that those cute little "conversation hearts" don't taste nearly as good as they look... =)

10:30 - Got back home, and was surprised to see Philip there! He had a PT test this morning and was home to shower and change before heading in to work. Goodbye to Philip, Moriah down for a nap.

12:15 - Heading out of the house again. Dropped the kids at Wendi's, went to an appointment.

2:15 - Back to Wendi's, visited for a bit, brought the kids home, put them down for naps. Took a nap myself. =)

4:20 - Moriah woke up, and she and I had fun playing together until Keenan woke up.

4:45 - Read some fun library books we got today, including "The Beast in the Bathtub" =)

6:20 - Philip got home! I LOVE this new rotation! =)

After that we played, laughed at the kids, had dinner, put the kids to bed.. then laundry, some stuff for MOPS etc...

That was my day!

Other things of note: Moriah can now climb up on the fireplace Without standing on anything! Uh-oh! She has also figured out that she can push a little chair over to the counter and stand on it and reach things (like the STOVE!) Where did my baby go??

Thanks also to everyone who has given me cottage cheese ideas! =)


Mom E said...

It's so hard to imagine Moriah being so mobile. I miss all of you so very much. Love, Mom

Jessica said...

So, I know I am probably the only one in the world-but I LOVE those conversation hearts and I am sooo annoyed that after all these years, they changed how they tasted around here BUT Dad brought home some regular ones from when he visited you guys...so, if you happen to see them on sale after V-Day will you grab a few boxes for me ;) I just might write the Sweethearts company about this injustice. :) Love you! Jessica

Anonymous said...

I LOVE those hearts too!!!