Friday, January 15, 2010

Wonderful Afternoon With a New-ish Friend

My friend, Robyn, and her sweet six month old son joined us for some play time, lunch, and an afternoon visit. We hadn't had a ton of contact since Robyn and her husband moved here six months ago, so it was great to have some time to visit and chat and get to know each other!

She also graciously let me take some pictures (since my only subjects are my own kids!) and we had a blast!

Look at that smile and those big brown eyes!


Cutie pie

...and his beautiful Mommy!
Keenan showing him how the toys worked.. =)

Moriah got herself stuck in the Bebe Pod!

For lunch, I was trying a new recipe for "Sassy Potato and Corn Chowder". It looks Really yummy, has a super easy recipe, I had all the ingredients chopped, measured and waiting so that I wouldn't have a lot of prep to do while Robyn was here... and then I made a HUGE mistake when I was making it! Instead of putting 2 Tbsp of flour, I put... two CUPS! That's not something I could just "fix"! My chowder turned into "runny dough with potatoes, veggies and bacon stuck here and there"... not cool!

Robyn was very sweet about the change in lunch plans - canned Chicken Tortilla soup with some fresh veggies, cheese and apples, (hey, at least we still had Pillsbury crescent rolls!)

Thanks Robyn, you're a true friend for not running out on me after that! =)

Planning to do "take two" of the chowder for supper tonight...


Mom W. said...

Oh my, 32 Tablespoons instead of 2 - yikes, did you throw it out and start over or retrieve some and try and work with it? Maybe you should have added some eggs and baking powder and made them into muffins... = )

Really cute pictures of the little guy...

Rachel and Hans said...

Love the new photos! :-)
Oops about the recipe!

Flakymn said...

Robyn looks GORGEOUS!!!!!!

And honestly, crescent rolls is enough of a meal for me. Anything goes good with that!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the pictures you take!

Love Rebekah

Mom E said...

START CHARGING FOR YOU PHOTOS!!! =) You have a talent there, Joia, and could seriously do a side business w/ the photos you take. At least think/pray about it anyway. I know you might think I'm biased b/c I'm your m-i-l,but I recognize talent when I see it. Your artistic eye (and the ability to capture it) separates you out from the rest of us shutterbugs. Just sayin'...