Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Visit to the Library and Lunch with Friends

Sarah and Della reminded us about story time at our local library and invited us to join them there this morning! It was really fun! Moriah had a great time playing and climbing all over everything (the last time we were there, she wasn't even big enough to be out of the stroller!)

Riding a rocking cow

Keenan and Della (having a race?)

What a fun activity table!

... a minute later, I looked over and she was at the playhouse, up on this bench!
(Yes, we have recently discovered, we have a Climber on our hands!!)

"What? Who's behind me??"

Story time

Time for a rest

Keenan's blue sheep

Another story (Moriah showing off her standing skills in the background)

After the library, Sarah and Della came over to hang out, play and have lunch with us. Keenan and Della had a Great time jumping on the trampoline together (and giggling up a storm!)

Then I caught (not intentionally), this Hilarious picture of them!

I crack up every time I see it!! =)

I mentioned our babysitting co-op in my post yesterday. Here is the link to the post Wendi wrote about it on her blog. Such a great idea! =)


Mom W. said...

Very funny picture, cute kids!

Ward Family said...

How cute! My little Sterling hasn't shown much interest in climbing just yet, but he might. He can climb all the way up the stairs by himself if we let him. I love reading your blog and "watching" your kids.

Joia's M-I-L =) said...

That photo w/ Della mid-air and Keenan's expression is sooo funny! And man, I wish our little library was 1/2 as nice as the one you go to! It looks like it's so much fun for the kids.