Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hike on Base

Today is cold! The high is 50 and the low is 23! It was in the 40's around noon when we headed on base to one of the trails to get some exercise. We bundled up!

We decided to see if Moriah would still fit in our baby carrier (she does), and also if it would work on the back (it's supposed to be a front pack), and it did!

Sooo excited to be able to use the Awesome 2010 Canadian Olympics mitts that Mark and Rebekah gave me for Christmas!!

Family shot on the trail

My boys leading the way (Keenan called himself the "Trail Captain")

Moriah and I bringing up the rear

Back out into the open and it's Windy!

Keenan needed a ride for the last few hundred yards

Then we made a "quick" (ya right, Philip and Keenan ran in to get a few things, and got stuck in there FOREVER since it was so busy!) stop at the commissary on the way home, had lunch and 3/4 us are headed for naps!

Have a great Saturday, everyone!

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Philip's Mom said...

cute photos and I love those mittens! Philip looks so cute in his hoodie. :-)