Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Thoughts before I Head Out the Door...

This morning we hit the road running with an early trip to the Commissary (which totally paid off, it rocked!) I even found myself (more than once) ALL ALONE in an aisle! Weird...

Next we headed to the hospital for round 2 of the kid's Kenya shots. Keenan totally knew what was coming this time and was wailing and thrashing around before they even got to him. Philip practically had to lay across him while they gave him the shots. SO sad! =0/ A lollipop soon after made it all better though.. =)

We came home, had lunch and the kids went down for naps while I finished working on some stuff for MOPS tomorrow.

In a few minutes, I'm headed out for a Girls Night Out at a local restaurant. It should be super fun since All of the wifia will be in attendance, as well as several other awesome chicks! =)

Moriah took three tiny steps today!


We recently discovered this:

...and it's awesome!
(Mark, I think you would really like this)

I am doing what I call the "Julie and Julia Kindergarten Project" aka... trying out a new recipe each week. These recipes are totally easy, not fancy, not gourmet in any way, and do Not contain things that I can't pronounce, don't know where to find in the grocery store, or have to be purchased alive. This thought came about last night at dinner (we had chicken pot pie, a recipe I love because it's easy, yummy and great on a cold day). I said to Philip (wondering if I had been making it too much lately), "Are you tired of me making this?" He looked at me and said (guardedly) "Not entirely".
LOL! Time to mix it up! I tried my first one today, called "Barbecue Beef-Filled Biscuits (from Kraft Foods). They were good, but not excellent, I would probably make them again, but tweak the ingredients, and use chicken and veggies instead of the beef. Off to new culinary adventures! =)

We are halfway through a really cool documentary called "Unknown White Male". A true story about a guy who woke up on a subway one morning in July 2003, with no idea who he was, and no memory of his past.


Mom W. said...

Sounds like any interesting movie!!!

Mom E said...

lol, I can Totally picture Philip's face when he gave you his 'guarded' answer. Love the new recipe ideas. Give Keenan Gr'ma kisses and tell him I think he is very brave. :-)

Love, Mom

Rachel and Hans said...

Hey Joia - you should totally post some of the recipes that you guys liked! I'm always on the lookout for new (easy) recipes!

Vanessa S said...

Great idea, Joia. You may want to try out if you haven't already. They tend to have lots of easy, kid-friendly, usually tasty recipes. Nice variety and some fun seasonal stuff too. I'm on their mailing list, so I always remember to check them out.