Monday, January 11, 2010

Taking help

That's another thing I should add to my "Simplicity" list. I'm not good at asking for help (or even letting on that I need it), but this year I've decided that's just stupid. If I need it, I'm gonna ask for it, and use it!

This morning, the kids and I headed over to Wendi's house. We all hung out for a bit, then I checked out and went (fun) shopping for an hour and a half by myself while Wendi watched the kids! When I returned (with a FREE route 44 Cherry Limeade to share), we had lunch together, hang out for another hour, and then I took my kids home for naps. I Love this babysitting co-op we have going on (will post a link to a post Wendi did about it when she gets back to me with the date) - it Really works out when you need some time alone! =0)

Here are a few pictures she took of the kids:

Moriah "pretending she's not tired"

Isaac and Keenan chillin' and watching a movie together

(I Love this outfit! Wendi and John gave it to her for her birthday)

The kids at home, post naps, having a snack together in the front room:

Funny expressions =)

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Mom W. said...

Pacifier snack?? What did you buy on your fun shopping spree??