Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Surprise Guest!

Last night I played Bunco for the first time ever! It was super fun! It's totally luck based anyway, but I got a good dose of "beginner's luck" and ended up with the most wins! (That got me a really great prize too, thanks, Vanessa!) We had a lot of great food, lots of laughs, and a great times with great friends!

Amanda wearing the stylish Bunco glasses =)

Amanda, Andrea, Vanessa, Brooke

Jen, Danah, Me, Brooke (we were continually switching tables, so Brooke was a double here!)

Philip's dad had called a few days ago and asked if he could come up for the weekend (from Merritt Island), to see us before he heads back to Kenya. We didn't tell Keenan, because we knew he would ask every five minutes about him until he got here. This afternoon I told Keenan that a surprise was going to happen later... and then when I saw Dad pull in, I told Keenan to run to the door, and he was sooo happy to see Papa standing there!

They have played together pretty much constantly ever since... =)

Reading some books together

I need some new drink ideas, loyal readers! My addiction to vanilla coke (as well as other sugar and caffeine loaded soft drinks) is not doing me any favors, and I need to find some alternate drink options! What are some of your favorite (and more healthy) drinks? Any really great fruity combinations you love? Green teas that really kick butt? Other carbonated, but healthy options you know of? Comment away!! =0)


Rachel and Hans said...

I love Crystal light...the "to-go" packets are great, too. And...the "generic" version (i.e. walmart or target's own brand) is just as good and way cheaper.

Also, I LOVE SoBe lifewater (the 0 calorie kind) - it's naturally sweetened and tastes really good. Kind of expensive for everyday drinks, though. Target will run a deal every once and awhile where they are 10/$10 and get a free $5 target gift card when you buy 10, so essentially $0.50/each.

Are you a regular coke drinker? Have you tried Coke Zero Vanilla? My brother, who only drank regular coke, switched to Coke Zero and loves it.

That was a long comment...ha!

Lorelai said...

I really enjoy Arizona's red apple green tea as well as their pomegranate green tea mm mm good

Mom W. said...

Watch that apartame... = ) Try the rooibos tea Joia, you can get others flavors with it. Ada and I love it. Apple cider.... mmmmmmm.

Debbie said...

I Love Coke Zero. The taste is sort of between regular Coke and Diet Coke. It doesn't have that strong Diet Coke aftertaste, which is great.

auntmary said...

Agree with mom. Watch the aspartame! Try Special KO2 Protein Water Mix. "Takes the edge off hunger". They come in packets that you mix in water. Good for on-the-go. They travel very well. I keep a box in my car. Has 5g protein, 5g fiber & only 30 cal. It's a much healthier alternative.♥

Mom E said...

not much help here cuz I drink water or unsweetened ice tea! Like the sound of the special K drink Mary mentioned though. Do you know where you can get it? And if it's sweet, where does the 'sweet' come from? Love, Mom

p.s. aren't you proud of me? I'm caught up and reading every day! lol.

Mom E said...

p.p.s. I LOVE Bunco and used to play once a mos. with a group of women here, but they disbanded and haven't found another group to play it with. It is sooo much fun!