Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday Sum Up

Philip got home at 4 am this morning after delivering a healthy baby boy at 2. =) He was obviously exhausted, so slept late this morning and got up with Moriah after her nap, while Keenan and I went to church. It was sort of nice doing something, just the two of us, and we even stopped at Sonic for drinks and french fries afterwards. =)

Philip needed to go in to work this aftenoon while the kids and I napped, and then I made burgers for supper. Next we played with the kids for a while, I bathed Moriah, and then made a DQ run (in my pajamas and slippers - love it!) to pick up Blizzards with our BOGO coupon. I got the Blizzard of the Month, Turtle Pecan and can't Wait to try it! (They are sitting in the freezer until Philip is finished getting Keenan to bed).

No pictures today.

Beginning of a new week - let's be excited about what it will bring! =)


Anonymous said...

LOVE the enthusiasm girl!!!

Jessica said...

What I wouldn't do for a Blizzard right now. :) Darn, they are closed! :) Enjoy!! Love, Jessica

Brittny said...

i've been DYING for blizzrds!!!!! where'd you get the coupon?

Joia's Mom said...

Come up to Canada and you can have a real blizzard!!! =)

Jessica said...

haha Joia's Mom. :) We are actually heading to Canada but to Whistler in 8 days! I need prayer so I will stay warm enough!!