Friday, January 1, 2010

Some chilly fun

It's been a great day, with Philip home and all to ourselves! We've spent the day lazing around, enjoying yummy leftovers from last night, playing with the kids, eating (too much) chocolate, and then decided to get out and get some fresh air.

We took a walk at Turkey Creek, got some fun pictures, and then picked up a movie before heading home for a cozy evening.

Keenan funny: At lunch, I gave him a couple little smokies and said that they were like "baby hotdogs" (since he loves hot dogs). Philip told me later that Keenan said, "Maybe they'll grow up and be Big hot dogs!"

At a little waterfront park near our home

Kind of a fun shot on the boardwalk

Me again

Moriah watching the boys run away

Couldn't resist =)

He wouldn't stop running!


Mom E said...

Love, love, love the new family photo on the blog and the one of Moriah watching the boys run away. Cool b&w w/ the pink pacifier.
Love, Trisha and Mom

Anonymous said...

Joia, I LOVE the new picture! What a beautiful family :)

Kendra said...

Great pics and I love the new header one... those are some of my favorite kinds of shots! :)

Mom W. said...

Nice new header Joia and fun pictures. Wow, you are having way too much fun with that new camera. Email headed your way.

Rachel and Hans said...

love your new header! :-) happy new year to you!