Wednesday, January 27, 2010

So sleepy...

The kids are feeling somewhat better today. Fevers are still here, but not as high as yesterday. Moriah's had gone away, and then came back. =0/ Thankfully, I am not sick, just really extra tired for some reason.

Overall, it's been a great day anyway. The weather was nice enough to go outside with the kids and play, which helps to stave off the "cabin fever" that always sets in when we can't be around other people for days on end. =)

Wendi was incredibly thoughtful and helpful and went grocery shopping for me this evening, since I couldn't get out to do it, and Philip wasn't done work until after the store closed. How great is she? =)

Not too many pictures taken today, here's a couple:

Keenan Loves this huge dump truck we got at Goodwill for $3!

Giving Moriah a ride =)

That's it for today, folks, sorry there's nothing more exciting! I need to get to bed... =)


Mom W. said...

Wow, lots of sick grandkids these days... Steph will sympathize. Hope they get feeling better soon. Love you all.

Mom E said...

Isaac's b'day today (well, on the day this blog was written). Yes, I'm catching up again. lol. Taking care of 2 sick kids is plenty of reason for you to feel sleepy, Joia. Sleep when they do and keep yourself healthy. Love you, Mom