Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sickies and Sweet Stuff

Last night, since Philip was working late, I decided to tackle a box of my photos from the basement that I've been putting off for forever... Can you see why??

I hefted them upstairs, put on a CD, made myself comfy on the couch...

...and a few hours later, I had this to throw away! (What I kept is the stack on the loveseat, second from the right - the rest of those up there were Philip's).

As I sorted through them, many brought back great memories of great times with wonderful people who have really shaped my life, others just made me ask one (or more) of these questions:

1. Why did I take a picture of That??
2. Why did I get doubles of soo many rolls?
3. What Is that??
4. Why do I still have this? (Some pictures had been saved years ago because somewhere in the picture there was a small blurry form of some guy I thought was cute at the time - what a waste of photo paper and space..)

Another thought was - Wow, I have a lot of Really poor quality photos...

Anyway, I kept a few favorites, and the majority of what got thrown away was extra "fluff" from events that I'd already scrapbooked anyway.

When I went in to check on Keenan last night before I went to bed, I found him like this:


Well, I've figured out several reasons that our little Moriah Joy has been so miserable the last few days. #1. She cut another tooth! (Bringing the grand total up to Two!!) #2. She has a double ear infection! Ouch!

Our poor sweet baby snuggling her bunny

Philip and Keenan went out to get Tylenol and some antibiotics for Moriah, and came back with these!

A gorgeous pink rose (which Keenan picked out), and a really sweet card from Philip, telling me how much he appreciates me taking care of the kids while he's been so busy... isn't the best? =)


m said...

Yeah, he's a keeper!!!

Mom W. again said...

Sorry, that is m for Mom W. = )

Mom E said...

I taught Philip well, eh? lol. Nah, he gets all the credit! You both are an amazing team!
And how sweet that Keenan picked out the rose.
And OUCH on the double ear infection. Poor sweet girl!
And good job on the photo sorting. I have huge bins (yes, plural) of photos to go thru, not just boxes. ugh.
Love, Mom